Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bad blogger!

Goodness! For a lady with no job and very little chores to do, I feel like I have no time! Paige is napping right now and I just ate lunch, so I will give a little update!
I got my period! Finally! I had a 39 day cycle, which for anyone familiar with PCOS, this is nothing short of a miracle.  Of course this is all putting me in strange place.  I want another baby, but not right now.  I want a free baby, seeing as I don't have 25K laying around and the bank of mom and dad (who funded Paige) has eluded to the fact that they were paying for the first, and the rest is on us.  What if I am missing my opportunity to have a free baby?  What if I am passing up my chance to have a baby without putting my body and mind through the hell of IVF?  I just wish I knew how long these semi-normal cycles were going to stick around!  If I KNEW that I would be able to get pregnant...wait, scratch that...if I knew I would have a chance to get pregnant next year on my own, then I would want to wait now.  But I don't know.  I hate infertility.  This is so unfair.  I am so jealous of those who can plan their families how they want.  Not jealous in a bitter way...just wishing it was that easy for us.  So I am in limbo right now.  

Now an update on the most wonderful thing that has happened to me:  they opened a bagel shop by my house! : )
Okay, well maybe not the most wonderful, but it is pretty great.  
As for Paige - she is such an angel.  Eating cereal, rolling all over the place, laughing when tickled...such a big girl! I think we are going to wait until 6 months to do anything other than cereal.  If introducing fruits and vegetables go as smoothly as cereal, then we should have no problems!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Paige is just now really noticing the dogs. 
She likes Beefy better, I think.  He is small and very timid, where as Spike is not shy at all and will run right up to you and lick you to death.  But of course, Spike is way more interested in her than Beefy is.  Poor Spike!
We tried rice cereal the other day!
It was not a success! Ha! She didn't like it at all.  I think we will wait a few weeks than try again.  My pedi just said we should start sometime before six months, so I have some time.
She did look cute and tiny in her big chair! My baby is getting so big!
I finally found some pictures from our white party! Here are some of the cute girls looking good in their white!  My sister-in-law is the one on the right, with the grey top.
Here, with the girls! I am on the bottom left (with extensions in!) I am trying to grow my hair out that long, but it is taking some time.  I started right around when I found out I was pregnant, so it has been a year, and not too much to show for it.
We went to Dallas for Labor Day.  Here I am with Brooke and David.  We tailgated all day, so of course I felt like crap during the game.  Brooke and I drank two bottles of cheap champagne, and when that was finished we moved on to beer and trash can punch from the people next to us.  OU lost anyway, so it just really wasn't that great of a game! But I had a blast before!! : )

I thought this was funny.  It looks like we are letting Paige drive.  

Big news! Paige sleeps in her crib all night now! David has been wanting to get our bedroom back to ourselves for a while now, but I have resisted.  Finally I said we could give it a try, and we have had three successful nights there.  I cried the first time.  It just felt so wrong to me, but it was nice to just talk in bed and not have to worry about waking her.  And Paige did great! I think this new arrangement is good for everyone involved.  She is back to her good-sleeping self.  I guess that 4 month growth period of whatever is done.  Thank goodness!

So, our fall is off on the wrong foot, seeing as OU has already lost.  We were pretty bummed, but life does go on.  I guess.