Tuesday, January 31, 2012


My sweet love! Braley is sick today, and I'm not feeling great either : ( Uggh. But while Braley is sleeping downstairs and Paige is at school, Jack and I are getting some great one-on-one time!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Picture-heavy post

I hate to jinx anything, but Jack and Braley's stranger/separation anxiety is getting better by the day. I'm not sure what is helping - gymboree, me taking them to the gym, more scheduled play groups away from our home, or just time - possibly a combination of everything. But our trip to the gym this morning went off without a hitch! No tears from either of them!

Just smiles : )

We had a lovely weekend! Some home improvement projects got wrapped up (we pulled up our carpet and had wood floors put in, painted our bedroom, re-stained our front doors), we had dinner with friends and all our kids, had a chilly trip to the park...

And spend a wonderful Sunday evening eating dinner with our neighbors down at their house.

Is Jack a baby model, or what? I DIE for him.

Sweetest twins in the world! I am SO blessed to have twin boys.

Paige and her sweet friend, Bailey. They are hysterical together. I know they will be life-long friends : )

You might notice that Paige is never without a baby these days. She is a very devoted mommy. She feeds them, changes them, lays them down for nappers, takes them on walks, to the grocery, and even co-sleeps with them. Love her. Love her!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Gymboree Thursday!

Gymboree was great today! The boys played very well. They still weren't willing to play independently and, I saw moms chasing their kids around...well they still won't leave my side. But at least they played next to me and didn't need me to hold them. Improvement! I'll take it!

We had a fun lunch and shopping date after, then picked up the bug. Good day all around!

Bubbles is their favorite part.

Twins are double the fun : )

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Better days

Our great weather continued today! While our house cleaner was here, we decided to get out of her way and pop down to our neighbors to play in the back yard! They have a trampoline, so of course, Paige was in heaven. Shhh...don't tell her, but she will most likely be getting one for the big 3rd birthday in April : )

I am learning just how important it is to get the twins out of their normal routine and in different environments. I think a lot of their issue dealing with new people and situations (besides their own temperament and just normal 1 year old behavior) is the fact that they rarely break from routine. They did great down with Mrs. Rebecca, Bailey, and Baby Samuel!

We had a little snack on the patio.

Paige, upon being told that Maria was out our house cleaning, picked up the vacuum cleaner and said, "okay, mommy! I'm going to clean the bathroom now!" While holding her baby. Girlfriend has skills!

Today was one of the best days the babies have had in a while. Maybe those molars are breaking through and will give us a break.

Partners in crime!

I love these boys!

They are SO interactive these days. When we sing twinkle twinkle little star, they open and close their hands like I do. They clap at the end of every song. They are babbling, saying mama and dada, but I still don't technically think they have any "words." Paige was 15 months when she had her first word, and I hear boys typically develop speech later than girls, so I'm still thinking the first true word will be a few months yet.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Sunny and 60s in Janurary

I am dying over this great weather! As soon as I get these wee ones down for their naps, I am headed to the patio with some chips, guacamole, coke zero, and Gilmore Girls on the patio TV. Life is good. In about 45 minutes ; )

Braley and Jack are teething molars and in the height of separation anxiety (read - want to be held all.day.long and forget about me leaving the room they are in). A recipe for me losing my mind fast. I called David today and told him that the kids were in a contest to see who could drive me crazy fastest. And they are all winning. lol.

I decided we simply had to get out today, and luckily for me, it is perfect weather. We got in the stroller and went to the playground!

Since the babies aren't too into the playground just yet, we only stayed 30 minutes, then came back home to play in the back yard.

Now the countdown to naptime begins!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Gymboree date

We had our gymboree date day today!
Well - it could have gone better. These boys are just SO anxious in public : ( They cling to me for dear life. Jack does much better than Braley, and they both had their moments where they would play. I managed to capture those on camera. The rest of the time, they wanted to be in my lap or held. I see all these other kids just running around and couldn't tell you where their mom's were - and then there are my boys who lose their minds if I am out of their sight.

I KNOW things will get better as they get older and move past stranger anxiety. And I KNOW mother's day out will help tremendously. They will start that in June. I just want them to feel confident and know that they are okay and safe, even if I am not right there.

But dang - they sure are cute!

Yes, my Jack Attack man got his first shiner this morning! He tripped and fell on the cool mist humidifier. First of many, I assume.

If anyone has any tips on helping with stranger anxiety/separation anxiety, I'm all ears.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Paige at gymnastics

A little video of my little love doing the zip line! And it cracks me up how at the end she starts yelling, "cheese!" That is what she does when I'm trying to take her picture.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


The kids and I got a visit from a special friend - our former nanny, April! April was my night nurse/nanny, then she went and got herself knocked up with twin girls (due on Valentines Day!) so she hasn't been able to work for us in a while : ( But we understand and were thankful to get to go to lunch and have her come and play today!

When Paige is out of school and it is cold out, we try and entertain ourselves in the house! Singing silly songs, playing tag and hide-and-go-seek...and chasing them around with the camera!

Love these kids!