Sunday, January 15, 2012

What a wonderful weekend

We had one of those weekends that you want to press the pause button and stay in it longer than 2 days.

David and I attended a wedding with our best friends on Friday night.

It is always nice to dress up, drink cocktails, and stay out late with your friends!

We had great weather on Saturday, so David hit the golf course, and when he got home, I hit the pavement! I had wanted to get a double-digit run in this weekend, but didn't quite make it. I got close though! I know by next weekend I'll get there. I far surpassed my weekly goal this week. I'm well on my way to being half-marathon ready!

Someone asked how I eat enough to sustain running this much. Trust me. I eat. Plenty! That is one thing that David and I have always had in common: we enjoy going out to eat, cooking at home, getting take-out, I love LOVE love to bake get the idea : )

Saturday evening, we had the birthday party of our sweet friend, Ethan (the son of our best friends).

The birthday boy in his hat from Jack and Braley : )

Bless him : ) We think he looks like Jackers

Sunday, January 15th will be known forever as "productivity Sunday" in our house. We cleaned out Paige's closet, the laundry room, our study, the hall way under the stairs, I cleaned all 4 bathrooms in the house, we went for a walk...

went to visit my grandparents...

bathed the kiddos and did a little playing before bed!

Now, I'm baking m&m cookies

snacking on some goldfish (see - there I go with all that eating!) and getting ready for some awesome Sunday night TV (I Survived and Undercover Boss are awaiting us on DVR....) and ready to take on the week!


kerry said...

Love your dress you wore to the wedding? Do you mind telling where you bought it?

Megan and David said...

Believe it or not, I got it at express!