Monday, January 30, 2012

Picture-heavy post

I hate to jinx anything, but Jack and Braley's stranger/separation anxiety is getting better by the day. I'm not sure what is helping - gymboree, me taking them to the gym, more scheduled play groups away from our home, or just time - possibly a combination of everything. But our trip to the gym this morning went off without a hitch! No tears from either of them!

Just smiles : )

We had a lovely weekend! Some home improvement projects got wrapped up (we pulled up our carpet and had wood floors put in, painted our bedroom, re-stained our front doors), we had dinner with friends and all our kids, had a chilly trip to the park...

And spend a wonderful Sunday evening eating dinner with our neighbors down at their house.

Is Jack a baby model, or what? I DIE for him.

Sweetest twins in the world! I am SO blessed to have twin boys.

Paige and her sweet friend, Bailey. They are hysterical together. I know they will be life-long friends : )

You might notice that Paige is never without a baby these days. She is a very devoted mommy. She feeds them, changes them, lays them down for nappers, takes them on walks, to the grocery, and even co-sleeps with them. Love her. Love her!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I've never really been able to see it before, but it's amazing how much the boys look like Paige! They all have the same eyes/eyebrows. Very cute kids. (: