Sunday, July 31, 2011

Girl's weekend 2011

Just got home from a fantastic weekend with my friends at Grand Lake, USA!

Us girls decided one day that we were going to make ourselves a priority (over husbands and kids) for one weekend a year, and it starts now! I can't tell you what a fantastic decision that was! We had more fun that we should have, but that is okay every now and then ; )

Our trip got to a bit of a rocky start. The turnpike was shut down because of a fire. We took advantage though, and got out of our cars and stretched our legs.

And take jello shots (those not driving!!)


Lots of people were out of their cars, so we asked a guy to take our picture. Of course, when we got posed and started to take the pictures, the cars started moving! We had to high tail it back to our cars and get moving!

The theme of our girls trip was the 80's. So we had visors, neon tank tops, and sunglasses!

We got in late Thursday night, and got up ready to go Friday morning! We hit the pool with plenty of jello shots and beer in tow.

After too much sun and alcohol, we went to lunch, came back and napped, then showered and got ready to hit the town of Grove, OK!!! Ha!

We went to a few different bars, danced, drank, and sang a lot of karaoke.

Stayed out until 2 AM. Then the next day, we went to breakfast and hit the water! One of the girls has an uncle with a fantastic boat and was so kind to take 9 girls out for the day!

Of course, there was booze, booze, and more booze!

Like a drunk idiot, I forgot that I am not 13 and a gymnast anymore. I was doing backflips off the boat, swimming, treading water, etc...and I woke up SORE this morning!

Anyway, after the boat, we came home, showered, and went out to a nice steak dinner.

We had 2 condos - these lovely ladies were the inhabitants of one condo:

And we stayed in the other:

I have been a "mother" for so long, I feel like I forgot what it was like to have pure girl time. No husbands, not kids, no timelines, no was divine.

I was happy to get home to my family today. David did WONDERFULLY with the kids. The house was clean and all the kids were happy to see momma when I got home.

And now - I prepare for my surgery on Tuesday!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Playgroup and a new concern

4 moms and 6 kids = mad house! (and one of the moms is 5 months pregnant)

We had a fun playgroup at our house today. Paige was a good little hostess and shared her toys (for the most part!).

The sunlight made these pics awful, but it was too cute a scene not to try and capture.

Jack doesn't let anything (or anyone) get in the way of his crawling. Poor Braley.

Sweet girlies eating some lunch. Yes - on my work out bench.

After afternoon naps, the kids and I went to the grocery store. I had a lot I needed to get, so storing things under the Zooper was not an option. I needed a cart. So - I had Jack sitting in the front of the cart, Paige walking next to me, and Braley in the Bjorn. I'm tired just typing that out. But it worked! We got what we needed and made it back home!

The boys are loving their solids. So much, that they are taking in MUCH less breastmilk. I'm talking a drastic drop here. They eat a wide variety of solid foods - all kinds of veggies, fruits, some pureed chicken and turkey, and tons of oatmeal mixed with breastmilk. Everyone tells me that it is normal for their breastmilk intake to drop at this point. But I'm still worried. I just hope they are getting all they need.

Those who have been there - what was your 8-10 month old taking in? I'm thinking the Jack is getting close to 20 oz a day and Braley is more like 12-14 TOPS.

David tells me I need to relax. He says I always have to find something to stress out about. That I should just go with the flow and let things go.

Relax? That is just not my M.O.!!! : )

Monday, July 25, 2011

Love a boy in polo!

Crazy day today! The kids and I went to the gym in the morning, and were planning on coming home and relaxing the rest of the day. However, on our way home, a certain someone who shall remain nameless (David), called me and said, "hey - forgot to tell you, but today is my birthday lunch at work, I told everyone you were coming with the kids, and that you would bring a dessert. Can you be here in an hour?"

So I had to run home, grab some food for the babies, change out of my work out clothes, and swing by somewhere to get a dessert (I settled on an ice cream cake. Yum!!)! The kids were troopers through being carted around, in and out of the car, and entertained everyone with how adorable they are. : )

I grabbed the boys polos so they would be office casual. I die for them!

After naps this afternoon, Paige's friend, Bailey came over to play with her sweet mom. And David actually got to come home tonight and eat dinner with us and help with bath/bed. All in all, GREAT Monday : )

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekend adventures

What a weekend!

Jack and Braley are in their big boy car seats. Jack's crib has been lowered to the lowest setting so he won't flip out. We have started potty training Paige (made zero progress...). We had 12 adults and 9 kids for a cook out/baby pool party last night. And I panicked a few times about leaving the kids with David for 4 days while I'm at the lake with my girlfriends (we leave Thursday!!).

Of course, I took pictures of my growing and changing kids.

Seriously - happiest baby ever. Every single person who sees him makes a comment about this happy little guy!

He is such a ham!!

So, about potty training. We bought a toy potty and decided to just take her diaper off at the normal time that she goes, wait until she had to go, then put her on the potty. 2 hours later, she was no closer to going. We were frustrated, so we decided to just put her diaper back on her. Of course, she was stinky right away after that.

I've decided that I know nothing about potty training. I am going to buy a book, read it in the next few weeks, then go ahead with their suggestions. I just feel like we need to get some sort of foundation before Paige starts in the Bear Room at school late August. They work on potty training there, so I want Paige to have an understanding of what is going on.

Her fabulous potty. It sings when she goes in it! Of course, we haven't gotten to hear that yet...

Paige and Braley are my snuggly kids. They both are happy to lay with mommy or daddy. Jack, on the other hand, is way too busy for snuggles. But two nights ago, David was holding him on the couch, and he fell asleep! He got over an hour of snuggle time in with him before he put him in his crib. I was so jealous!

And, if you ask me, the mark of a good father is this: I kept coming in and saying, David, go put him in his crib so we can hang out! He said, no! I never get to just hold Jack.