Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sunny days!

I could get used to this weather. Good thing it looks like I'm going to get to! For a while, anyway.

Paige was out of school today (and tomorrow) so we played with our neighbors, went for a walk, played in the backyard, and ran a few errands with the windows down.

Paige's newest thing is dressing herself. Girlfriend must choose her clothes. If I suggest an outfit, she grabs it out of my hands and puts it in her dirty clothes basket.

We will work on mastering matching later.

Having a little snack down at our friend, Bailey's house.

Nothing but the same planned for tomorrow.

Monday, February 27, 2012


I am going to work on not judging people for their choices/parenting styles/marriages/habits, etc. I think it is such a natural impulse, and is stronger in some people than others. It has always been strong in me. I find it easy to fall into the trap of thinking the way you live your life is better.

I have felt judged lately. By someone who I didn't think would judge me. And as I have been talking about this, it makes me feel hypocritical, because I judge people when the choices they make aren't ones that I would make. So I am starting with myself, and going to work on the whole "live and let live" thing I keep hearing about.

And a few hours in, I think I am doing well : )

Today is a beautiful day! I love getting to play outside!

And who wouldn't give an arm to have this hair?

I love my kids.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lovely Saturday

It is amazing what a great day with your family can do for the soul.

Gymboree, lunch, naps, play outside, shopping, dinner, walk, visit with neighbors, baths, lay the kids down, curl up on the couch with the husband! Sums up our lovely day!

Great weather today. We love playing in the backyard!

I have been feeling a little off the last few days. I think I get in a rut and it wears on me. But this great day has me feeling refreshed and happy : )

And to wrap up...I finally went in and deleted my iPhone pictures. I had over 1,500 since I got the phone in October : / But here is a random iPhone pic dump from the last week:

Buggy waiting patiently for gymnastics!

Little man snuggled up with his night night. Can we all agree that there is nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby?

Bubba cubs were so good running errands today! We are giving our house a little makeover, and we love spending the weekends at furniture and home decor stores.

Due to our schedule today, the twins only took 1 nap (we are still at 2!). So by the time we started rocking , it took about 2.5 seconds and they were both out! Love them!

Gymboree Saturday

I have been slacking on this blog! Truth is, I feel like I am running out of ways of saying, "I am blessed, I love these kids, Braley is getting on my last nerve wanting to be held all day long, Jack is in to everything..." I mean, really, not a whole lot else going on here!

We have been going to gymboree on Saturdays lately, since we find someone to watch Paige and then David and I can each focus on a baby.

Braley is getting better and better at dealing with strangers. Again, broken record here, I feel like school in June will be the only thing that gets him truly comfortable outside his own home environment. Take today, for example. We were 15 minutes early to gymboree. We were the only ones in there. He did GREAT. Playing, laughing, not even aware of where we were. The first family walks in, and it is thumb in the mouth, find mom or dad, and lay his little head down. But he IS getting better. I do see improvement. Just not as much as I want.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Pics and BIG girl bed!

We are thinking about moving Paige bug into a full or queen sized bed. She seems to be getting cramped in her toddler bed, and we are confident she will be safe there. Of course, the first thing I start thinking about is new bedding!!! : ) These are the fabrics I am considering:

Her walls are pink and her curtains are brown with cream scroll. She has an ottoman with pinks, greens, browns, and creams. We will most likely be moving her pink and brown rocking chair (sniff - 3 years of rocking my bug to sleep every night!) at some point and getting a smaller chair for her in there. Not ready for that just yet, though! But I'm excited for this new project! We are also in the process of re-vamping our house. Some new curtains, getting a few chairs recovered, and new bedding in our room.

Switching gears here: we love Mondays in this house! Monday means: gymnastics!!

Twins working together to try and get the gate down. LOL!!

Little trouble maker!

We are busy, busy, busy around here! Always something new going on!