Thursday, February 16, 2012

15 month well-child

First - some Paige bug before her (first of three) Valentine's Day party!

Such a little pumpkin!

Now- on to the boys' well-child visit for 15 months.

They both look great and are growing beautifully!

Jack: 22lb 14oz - 25%. David and I laugh about this because we think Jack is so big! But Paige and Braley are such little peanuts, that he really isn't. He is also in the 25% for height and 50% for head circumference.

Braley: 20lb 12oz - 5%. Bless him : ) He is in the 10% for height and 75% for head.

David and I just aren't going to have big children! But they are perfect!

She is very happy with their development socially. All their stranger anxiety issues are completely normal and she agreed that school in June will help. When I mentioned that Braley had no words yet, she said that was fine. With boys, she doesn't get worried about that until 21 months. I am quite certain he will be talking by then. And I had to laugh at myself. Paige had no words at 15 months, and by her 18 month visit, she was saying, "mommy, where is the monitor?" And how many times have I told other mommys, "don't worry - 15 months is still way too early to be worried about language development!" Yet there I was, expressing my concerns over my 15 month old not talking.

Of course, Braley not walking did come up. She said what many people have already told me - 18 months is when she gets concerned. But, when I said that I didn't feel like he was close at all, and that I needed him to be walking to go to school in June, she said that a quick trip to a physical therapist wouldn't hurt. She felt his muscle tone and thinks everything is fine, but it won't hurt having someone else check him over. So I will call today to set that up.

And Jack has had a little cough and been fussy the last few days, but his ears looked great, so she said he just had a little cold. And, bless him, he is getting all 4 molars in right now. So that explains the fussiness!

All in all, David and I were happy. We continue to be thankful for the health of our children and are thankful for a wonderful doctor, of whom I am certain has the absolute best interest of our kids at heart.

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