Wednesday, July 28, 2010

21 weeks pregnant...trying to get on this whole 'resting' train

When my mom heard that I need to be resting more, what does she do? She calls and says, "Let me take Paige to the pool and dinner so you can rest while David is in class!" What do I do? Say, "Well that sounds great but I don't want to miss out on pool and dinner!" So my new assignment of resting isn't going that well - but at least I have not been to the gym!

My Paige bug in her water wings : )

Swimming with her Melle (my momma)

She was having way too much fun to look at the camera

Saying "Hello!" to our waitress haha

Giving momma a lunch time smile.

So please feel my pain. This was taken at 21 weeks 0 days. Yes, I still have quite a bit of growing left : /

Notice Paige brushing her teeth by my side. She still loves all oral hygiene products.

Are you kidding me?!?!?!
I am not even considering stepping on a scale. With no exercise allowed and the fact that I am starving 24/7...well...I'm sure it aint pretty.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hotdogs, scares, photo shoots, and a request

Sunday, we had our wonderful friends, Gerod and Callie come over for a cook out and baby pool time! Their two boys, Chad and Gibson, had so much fun playing with sweet Paige! Paige was worn out when they left, though.

Paige and Gibson spent more time trying to drink the pool water.

Sweet Gibson

Fun times!

Starting Saturday morning after Gymboree, I had contractions and pelvic pain/pressure pretty much any time I was standing. It was really scary. We were so close to going to labor and delivery, but decided not to, as every time I laid down, I felt fine.

Then Sunday, we went to the store to get stuff for the BBQ, and I couldn't even make it. I had to go lay down in the car about 10 minutes into our Target trip. Again, we almost called L&D, but I really didn't want to spend my whole Sunday in triage only to have them tell me that Braxton Hicks contractions happen very early in twin pregnancies. So I rested on the couch all day and felt okay. By Monday morning, it was a lot of the same, so I called the OB.

She said that they aren't super concerned as long as they stop when I rest. I have been instructed to stop exercising and walking in the neighborhood, and to get as much help with the bug that I can. Thank goodness I have family and friends here who are already going out of their way to help us! And cervix still looks nice, long, and we are not too stressed!

I'll take a 21 week belly pic later today and you will see why my body is freaking out! These boys are GIANT and my 5'2" frame is having a hard time dealing!

So...what to do when you are supposed to be resting at home? Go to the front yard for a photo shoot, of course : )
I have been trying to get her to wear this hat since this spring when I got it! She was happy to humor me for a few minutes while I took her picture.

I love this beautiful girl!!!!

All local friends with girls: I am giving you all a few more weeks to come over and raid Paige's closet!!! With no more girls in my future (sniff, sniff), I have GOT to get rid of her old stuff to make room for these boys! All non-local friends with girls: if you see something she has worn that you want for your girl, let me know! It is yours!! If it isn't gone by the time I start getting their closet together, I'm giving it to charity.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Our adventures continue

We are having the best time with our little girl. It is amazing to watch the world through the eyes of a toddler. Everything is new and exciting.

We started out this wonderful Saturday with a trip to Gymboree while Daddy golfed. Paige had a blast, as usual!

Playing peek-a-boo through a tunnel is about the coolest thing ever : )
Of course Paige got distracted and went to open all of the cabinets.

Not to brag or anything - but most of the kids in Paige's class were too afraid to crawl up and across this thing. Not this little lady!

Her hair is getting so blonde and had a curl to it now. We refuse to cut it. It is so beautiful!

After Gymboree and golf, David and I went to the mall and to a few stores here in town. Then we came home and Paige and I napped while daddy did yard work.

We decided to do a little family date night at the country club tonight. We ate dinner...

...then went to the pool! It was very overcast this evening and actually cooled off into the 80s, so it was perfect.

Paige had to find some stairs to climb up

Unfortunately, the clouds really rolled in and lightening was spotted, so we had to get out and go home.
Exciting news: boys bedding is ordered! I changed my mind at the last minute though, and went in a kind of different direction. I emailed back and forth with the gal making it several times, and we settled on a design that I am really excited about! I also ordered the wall letters! So I guess we have settled on names! Jack and Braley it is!

Still working on: dresser, wall decor, rug, curtains!

So, here are the bedding fabrics. The glider matches the green in the striped fabric. I was just worried that the room was going to overwhelmed in green - so I wanted to throw in some blue. I'm really excited to see how it all comes together. It will take them about a month to sew it and get it shipped - so not too long to wait!

What do you think?

Friday, July 23, 2010

Date night

Date night was so much fun! David and I had planned on dropping Paige off at the grandparents' house, getting some dinner, and seeing Inception (NOT Invictus, as I said in my previous post. Don't know what I was thinking).

By the time David got home from work, we got in the car, got to my folks and got Paige settled in there, it was too late for us to go to a restaurant and make the movie. So...I was wined and dined at the...
Food court!! : ) Charley's Steakery! I must say, it was legit. As were the popcorn and Dibs that we got at the theater.

Inception was very good! I recommend it. However, date night at the movie theater is pretty uncomfortable when you are pregnant with twins. I couldn't get comfortable and was shifting around the whole movie. But all in all, I am so glad we went. I had some ca-razy dreams last night about the movie. If you go, bring your thinking cap : )

Now that the cribs are purchased, I am looking for dressers! I saw this one at a furniture store I had never been in before! Man! I wish I knew about this place when I was decorating my house.

The one above is David's favorite. I just don't know how practical it is.

I really like this one too. We can always decide to go with a basic espresso one...

I think I will wait until the cribs, glider, and bedding get in before I really decide. Crap - that reminds me - need to order the bedding ASAP!

Anyone have any fun plans for the weekend?

I think we are going to lay low tonight and cook dinner (read: take-out) at home.

Whatever you are doing, I hope you all enjoy the weekend!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How on earth

am I 20 weeks pregnant? How did I get here so fast? Where has this pregnancy gone?

Bump pics below, but first - my sweet girl. She is very into oral hygiene products. She loves toothpaste and dental floss, and now she has decided she likes toothbrushes. I had to go buy David and myself new toothbrushes since Paige has taken them over as her new toys. Oh - and old credit cards and gift cards. This girl is trouble already, I tell ya.

I got her some of those squeaky shoes. She no longer throws fits when she has shoes on! Yay! She actually likes wearing them when they squeak. But now that she is constantly on the move, it is hard for me to get pictures of her! She sat still only for a second to check out what is happening outside.
So...these were taken today, at 20 weeks 1 day. Fun fact: At 20 weeks in my pregnancy with Paige, I was up 3.5 pounds. Now: 12. Yes, I weighed myself tonight. I don't normally do that. I gave up the scale in 2006 after a few pretty serious bouts of taking dieting too far. Way too far. But, I really was just curious. I'm fine with gaining right now. I'm actually aiming to gain between 35-40 for this pregnancy, so I'm doing pretty well. That is all I can say about this : )

Looking at the bed in the background makes me embarrassed! But in my defense, per my OB's orders, I nap every day when Paige naps. Why make up my bed just to take it down again? It gets made on Tuesdays when the maid comes : )

David and I have a fun day tomorrow! Well, he has to work all day, and I plan on resting at home with Paige. But after work, we are going to gymboree at 5:30, then taking Paige to my folks for the evening. David and I are going to eat dinner and go see the movie Invictus! Then I am going to sleep in and let my dad bring Paige up to our house sometime on Friday. I have the best parents and Paige is so lucky to have grandparents who love her so much and want to keep her and give momma a break!

Also, I notice that I get a lot of questions in my comments section. I never answer these, as I feel like you won't go back and click on comments to see the answers. So - if you have any questions - random, about infertility, IVF, multiples, losing a twin, shopping addictions, clothes, me personally...anything! Leave it in THIS post. I will devote a post to answering them.

One more thing - I am going to try and make the blog public again. A trial run...I am feeling better about the issues I had a problem with before. Plus, with comment moderation, I get to keep some control. We will see how this goes!

Love to all my blog readers!

Monday, July 19, 2010

My boys

David and I met with the MFM on Thursday. There is no way that appointment could have gone any better. I am fully aware that things could change at any second, but I have been blessed with a very uncomplicated twin pregnancy. Both boys look perfect!

Baby B is very low and shy! We couldn't get too many face pictures of him.

Baby A, on the other hand, was posing away! Sucking his thumb, punching his brother, and generally seemed to be having a good time!

Baby B is a boy for sure : )
Baby A's precious face!! I just can't get over how adorable he is!

I know some people are freaked out by 3D pics - but I just think my boys are precious and I love them so much already!

Baby A is also a boy. And he likes to show his stuff.

Baby B again - he really does seem much more mellow and shy than his brother. He was pretty happy to just lay there and watch his brother steal the show.

Please keep our family in your prayers - for a continued healthy pregnancy and growing, healthy boys!

We have been blessed beyond words!