Wednesday, July 28, 2010

21 weeks pregnant...trying to get on this whole 'resting' train

When my mom heard that I need to be resting more, what does she do? She calls and says, "Let me take Paige to the pool and dinner so you can rest while David is in class!" What do I do? Say, "Well that sounds great but I don't want to miss out on pool and dinner!" So my new assignment of resting isn't going that well - but at least I have not been to the gym!

My Paige bug in her water wings : )

Swimming with her Melle (my momma)

She was having way too much fun to look at the camera

Saying "Hello!" to our waitress haha

Giving momma a lunch time smile.

So please feel my pain. This was taken at 21 weeks 0 days. Yes, I still have quite a bit of growing left : /

Notice Paige brushing her teeth by my side. She still loves all oral hygiene products.

Are you kidding me?!?!?!
I am not even considering stepping on a scale. With no exercise allowed and the fact that I am starving 24/7...well...I'm sure it aint pretty.


Jeremy and Allison Hess said...

I love paiges water wings!! such a big girl and you look TOO cute with those twins!!!

Lindsey said...

You look great - you are carrying them low!

Katie said...

You look great! Although I am sure it's not comfortable since you are so tiny to begin with. By the way, I love your mirror! I've never noticed the frame on it before - it's gorgeous! (random, I know!) Cute pics and Paige looks like she is going to be a good swimmer someday:)

Alicia said...

You look good! Glad all is well!