Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hotdogs, scares, photo shoots, and a request

Sunday, we had our wonderful friends, Gerod and Callie come over for a cook out and baby pool time! Their two boys, Chad and Gibson, had so much fun playing with sweet Paige! Paige was worn out when they left, though.

Paige and Gibson spent more time trying to drink the pool water.

Sweet Gibson

Fun times!

Starting Saturday morning after Gymboree, I had contractions and pelvic pain/pressure pretty much any time I was standing. It was really scary. We were so close to going to labor and delivery, but decided not to, as every time I laid down, I felt fine.

Then Sunday, we went to the store to get stuff for the BBQ, and I couldn't even make it. I had to go lay down in the car about 10 minutes into our Target trip. Again, we almost called L&D, but I really didn't want to spend my whole Sunday in triage only to have them tell me that Braxton Hicks contractions happen very early in twin pregnancies. So I rested on the couch all day and felt okay. By Monday morning, it was a lot of the same, so I called the OB.

She said that they aren't super concerned as long as they stop when I rest. I have been instructed to stop exercising and walking in the neighborhood, and to get as much help with the bug that I can. Thank goodness I have family and friends here who are already going out of their way to help us! And cervix still looks nice, long, and closed...so we are not too stressed!

I'll take a 21 week belly pic later today and you will see why my body is freaking out! These boys are GIANT and my 5'2" frame is having a hard time dealing!

So...what to do when you are supposed to be resting at home? Go to the front yard for a photo shoot, of course : )
I have been trying to get her to wear this hat since this spring when I got it! She was happy to humor me for a few minutes while I took her picture.

I love this beautiful girl!!!!

All local friends with girls: I am giving you all a few more weeks to come over and raid Paige's closet!!! With no more girls in my future (sniff, sniff), I have GOT to get rid of her old stuff to make room for these boys! All non-local friends with girls: if you see something she has worn that you want for your girl, let me know! It is yours!! If it isn't gone by the time I start getting their closet together, I'm giving it to charity.


Lindsey said...

I'm so glad everything is ok! And I love the new pictures of Paige!

The Frasiers said...

Did you get a new camera? The pictures are really good! and cute photo shoot! I love Paiges hat!

Jamie Dearle said...

Hi Meg! We can wait to see you guys! I hope you get lots of rest and feel better! :) Maybe we have have a pool date sometime next week (if you are up to it)? And we would be happy to raid Paige's closet!!! ;)
See you guys soon!
PS. Paige just keeps getting cuter and cuter!

Stacy said...

Take care of yourself...
Paige is cute as a button as always!

Rebecca said...

Oh wow! So glad everything is OK! Paige is just such a cutie pie too!