Sunday, July 11, 2010

Updates : )

First, and update on Paige Bug. She is doing a million times better. Her appetite is back in full force! In fact, she is eating more in the last few days than she ever has! She is just hungry and eager to eat, which is such a relief for us. She has been loving: waffles, cottage cheese, bananas, cantaloupe, grapes, corn, green beans, carrots, turkey, rice, gold fish, and yogurt. Yes, all in the last few days : )

She is also a full-blown walker. She still tumps over from time to time, but just gets right back up and keeps toddling along.
She loves my toothpaste bottle. It is so funny. She walks all over the house with it. She wants to take it in her stroller on walks, in the car...she just likes holding it.

I took another round of belly shots last night. I have been eating really well (lots!!) and I feel like the belly is filling out again. Excuse the really low jeans. They are a bit big on me. But I hate to pull the belly flap over my whole stomach. It isn't comfortable to me.
Before our dinner at an Italian restaurant in town. Plus dessert of apple crisp and ice cream after. Yum!!


Dre said...

Paige and your belly are both too cute! I was actually getting worried about you because I thought you hadn't posted in a while. None of your posts were popping up in my blogger dashboard, so I clicked on your blog and was relieved to see that all was well and you had been posting.

Lindsey said...

I love Paige's outfit - where is it from?

Also - you look great - I can tell the belly is getting bigger! And, I don't pull the belly thing over my belly either - it feels super weird (and really hot) to me.

Alicia said...

Awwww Paige is so pretty! She always makes me smile! Im glad all is well! Hugs!