Thursday, July 8, 2010

Photography - OKC and Edmond girls!

Just wanted to give a heads up to all my local friends! Check out my friend, Allison Hess ! She has taken pictures of Paige in the past and we will continue to use her for all our photography needs : ) It is such a deal to go with her as opposed to a photographer in a studio. First, they hardly every give you the images on a disk. And if they do, they charge you $500 +! The girl who did Paige's newborn shots (which were excellent) wanted $1,000 for the disk. Get real! I love that Allison is reasonable, will come to your house or wherever you want - even the hospital!! And she is so sweet! She came to Paige's birthday, stayed the whole time, and took pictures that I wouldn't have ever thought to get.

Here are some examples of some of my favorite pictures that Allison has taken of sweet Paige:

I can't wait to see what fun ideas she comes up with for the boys!! : )


Jeremy and Allison Hess said...

Megan!! You are too kind! Just for you I have a special surprise on my blog. Look under the photography tab!

kristen said...

Gorgeous pictures, you are so lucky to have these!

Rebecca said...

Such great photos!! Totally worth the money.