Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How on earth

am I 20 weeks pregnant? How did I get here so fast? Where has this pregnancy gone?

Bump pics below, but first - my sweet girl. She is very into oral hygiene products. She loves toothpaste and dental floss, and now she has decided she likes toothbrushes. I had to go buy David and myself new toothbrushes since Paige has taken them over as her new toys. Oh - and old credit cards and gift cards. This girl is trouble already, I tell ya.

I got her some of those squeaky shoes. She no longer throws fits when she has shoes on! Yay! She actually likes wearing them when they squeak. But now that she is constantly on the move, it is hard for me to get pictures of her! She sat still only for a second to check out what is happening outside.
So...these were taken today, at 20 weeks 1 day. Fun fact: At 20 weeks in my pregnancy with Paige, I was up 3.5 pounds. Now: 12. Yes, I weighed myself tonight. I don't normally do that. I gave up the scale in 2006 after a few pretty serious bouts of taking dieting too far. Way too far. But, I really was just curious. I'm fine with gaining right now. I'm actually aiming to gain between 35-40 for this pregnancy, so I'm doing pretty well. That is all I can say about this : )

Looking at the bed in the background makes me embarrassed! But in my defense, per my OB's orders, I nap every day when Paige naps. Why make up my bed just to take it down again? It gets made on Tuesdays when the maid comes : )

David and I have a fun day tomorrow! Well, he has to work all day, and I plan on resting at home with Paige. But after work, we are going to gymboree at 5:30, then taking Paige to my folks for the evening. David and I are going to eat dinner and go see the movie Invictus! Then I am going to sleep in and let my dad bring Paige up to our house sometime on Friday. I have the best parents and Paige is so lucky to have grandparents who love her so much and want to keep her and give momma a break!

Also, I notice that I get a lot of questions in my comments section. I never answer these, as I feel like you won't go back and click on comments to see the answers. So - if you have any questions - random, about infertility, IVF, multiples, losing a twin, shopping addictions, clothes, me personally...anything! Leave it in THIS post. I will devote a post to answering them.

One more thing - I am going to try and make the blog public again. A trial run...I am feeling better about the issues I had a problem with before. Plus, with comment moderation, I get to keep some control. We will see how this goes!

Love to all my blog readers!


Lindsey said...

I was wondering if you went public b/c your updates were in my feed again this morning!!

You look so cute! And I love Paige's shoes!

Here's a question? When are you coming to Houston? Or when are we meeting in the middle?

lparsons15 said...

You answered my question before I even asked it..I was wondering if you went public again because today you showed up in my reader..SO that is that! Yay!