Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I think I have mentioned on here that the twins are in school 3 days a week, but I decided to drop Paige down to 2.  It is just really hitting me how fast time is going with her, and I want to enjoy her as much as I can this year before she enters pre-K 5 days/week.  We had our first official mommy/Paige day.  We went to the gym (I can't skip that - those who know me know that!), met daddy for lunch, then went and spent almost 2 hours at the park!  It was great to be able to run around and play with her without worrying about 2 little twin boys.  

Of course I had my camera with me...

We had the park to ourselves for the most part, which was awesome!  We played several rounds of hide-and-go-seek.  Paige is great at covering her eyes, counting, and coming to find me.  But when it is her turn to go hide, she finds a spot - and when I come looking for her, she shouts, "HERE I AM MOMMY!"  Then when I find her, she acts surprised and says, "I need to pick a better spot next time."  Cutest thing.  I would have never imagined what fun I would have playing hide-and-go-seek with a 3 year old.  She is such a bright light - you can't help but smile when you are with her.

We are starting to see some real personality come out in her.  She is not oppositional.  I mean, to a certain degree she is - she is 3 after all.  But she has a huge desire to please us.  She follows directions well, and she is absolutely heartbroken when she is admonished at all.  It makes me feel so guilty when we ever get on to her, since she is overall such a good girl.  We can tell she is going to be a people pleaser, which is good in some ways.  I know we will need to make sure to praise her often, keep her self-esteem high.  She seems to get down on herself when she thinks she is in trouble.  I hate to think of someone taking advantage of her kindness and desire to make others happy.  Good thing she is told how wonderful she is on a VERY regular basis around here : )  She came out of her room after her bath the other day and said, "daddy, I am the most beautiful girl in the world."  So I'm guessing we tell her how amazing she is enough : )

I just love her.  She makes David and I so happy.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

first day of preschool

I'll say the requisite "I can't believe my baby girl is ready for preschool..." but my heart broke a little more with each step she took into her classroom this morning.  

Not to leave my little bear cubs out!  They are back in their same room they were in this summer.  I can't wait to watch how school will help them gain independence and expand their vocabulary.

We dropped the boys in their room, walked right passed Paige's old room, and headed across the parking lot into preschool.  I got a little teary this morning knowing that the boys wouldn't be able to look over and see their sister whenever they needed reassurance.  And they won't be eating lunch in the same room anymore either.  I know Paige is ready to move on, but that part makes me sad.

They have their own cubbies.  Paige is sharing hers with her friend, Noah.

I sighed, felt sadness over the fact that time is passing too quickly - then I realized I had 5 hours to myself.  I went for a run outside, went to target, and am enjoying a very quiet house...for the next hour, anyway ; )  It's all good.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Our life from the iPhone

This is going to be very random:

We have been trying to pack in a lot of fun before big girl enters preschool tomorrow! ...sob...
She is SO excited.  She got a new backpack, we met her teachers - just waiting for tomorrow morning now!

We wanted to buy some sunnies for the boys for them to wear in the car and on walks.  Couldn't find any to fit them this late in the season.  Boo.  But we did have fun trying on!

And we found them some hats instead.

We have been making lots of trips to the pool.  Can't believe it will be closing in a few weeks.  This summer flew by.

David and I have spent our evenings enthralled in Don Draper.

Sissy baby gets tucked in every night before we go out for our walk.  Paige even turns the night light on and plugs the monitor in.  Bless her.

We got some much needed rain recently.  My trees and plants were very thankful.  

We have spent some fun nights out!

Daddy's little buddy.  Jack is in a huge daddy phase right now.  He asks for him all day long, and doesn't want anything to do with me once he gets home.

I gave the boys lasagna for the first time last week.  They LOVED it.  Kept eating and eating and eating.  Finally, I had to say, "no more!"  They were going to get sick!  This was the reaction I got when I took it away:

If you have a toddler/preschooler and don't have an art easel - get one!  Provides her with hours of fun. She paints at least 3 pictures a day.

And the boys are happy to explore in the garage while Paige paints.

"mommy, I painted a picture of our family!"

We still love watching all the construction down the street from our house.

And David and I still have a serious addiction to ice cream.  Ugh.

We saw the worst movie of all time on Saturday.  The Apparition.  We were about to walk out, it was so bad, but it then it ended.  In the most bizarre, unfinished way.  Oh well.  I was just happy to be leaving.

And today, the kiddos and I went to the park one last time before school starts : )  I am blessed.