Tuesday, August 28, 2012

first day of preschool

I'll say the requisite "I can't believe my baby girl is ready for preschool..." but my heart broke a little more with each step she took into her classroom this morning.  

Not to leave my little bear cubs out!  They are back in their same room they were in this summer.  I can't wait to watch how school will help them gain independence and expand their vocabulary.

We dropped the boys in their room, walked right passed Paige's old room, and headed across the parking lot into preschool.  I got a little teary this morning knowing that the boys wouldn't be able to look over and see their sister whenever they needed reassurance.  And they won't be eating lunch in the same room anymore either.  I know Paige is ready to move on, but that part makes me sad.

They have their own cubbies.  Paige is sharing hers with her friend, Noah.

I sighed, felt sadness over the fact that time is passing too quickly - then I realized I had 5 hours to myself.  I went for a run outside, went to target, and am enjoying a very quiet house...for the next hour, anyway ; )  It's all good.

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