Sunday, August 12, 2012

park trip!

A small break in the hot weather allowed us to play outside again today!  David and I are dragging, as we had a (adult) birthday party last night that ended with us making a Taco Bueno run (gross.  How old are we!?).  But we pulled it together this morning.  I'm loving that we can take the kids to the park now and all of them actually play.  It isn't just taking Paige and the boys have to sit in the stroller.  Such a joy they are.

I am thrilled to report that not only is Braley having a little language explosion, but he is also saying some phrases now!  Daddy shoe, night night cat, hi mommy, bye bye (insert wherever we are here - store, school, home, car, etc).  It is amazing to watch.  Once again, I let myself get worked up and worried over nothing.  When will I learn?

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

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