Wednesday, August 22, 2012

escape the noise

We are getting our roof re-done (thank you, hail damage), and the kids hate the loud noise!  Thankfully, it has been gorgeous out, so we have been able to escape to the park.

My little acrobat!

David and I love this little guy's long curly hair.  However, I am getting very sick of people telling me how cute my boy/girl twins are.  Bless him.  I'm thinking we are going to have to cut it.

Always interested in what big sis is doing.

I can't believe we are in our last week of summer break!  Preschool for Paige and mother's day out for the twins starts Tuesday!  We have meet the teacher night tomorrow.  ...sob...time is flying.

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aMUSEing said...

bless them for smoking crack with their cheerios!! he sooo looks like a little boy!!!