Thursday, December 27, 2012

no post-Christmas blues here

Not even a hint of post-Christmas blues over here.  We have a fun New Years planned (sans kiddos!) and an even more fun trip to Dallas for the Cotton Bowl (again sans kiddos.  Big happy faces here!).  The kids and I had to say goodbye to daddy for the first time in a week today.  But he only works today and tomorrow before we have him home again.  I really could get used to this 24/7 helper thing...

I got a new flash for my camera from David's folks for Christmas, and I am thrilled that my 3 little models wanted to cooperate for practice this morning!  (or, I bribed them with cheerios.  You pick).

I die for these little shirts.  So dang cute.

Back to normal routine is good.  But we sure do miss having David around!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day

Paige is a girl totally flipped out for Christmas.  She couldn't contain her excitement this morning.  Santa was very generous to the Griffith kids.  Well, very generous to Paige.  Santa figured that the boys didn't need too much since they don't really grasp the concept yet.  Grandparents filled in where Santa slacked ; )

This was the year of Hello Kitty.  I can't even remember all the HK things she got, but here are some:  bath products: towels, body wash, shampoo, soap dispenser.  Jewelry:  necklaces, bracelets, tiaras.  Bedding:  pillows, new sheets.  A HK digital camera.  Yeah.  She was a happy gal today.

All the kids got little learning computers.

The boys LOVE their new tee ball set and golf clubs!

My future photographer

After the santa hoopla died down, we made cinnamon rolls, which are Paige's favorites.  Playing with toys, naps, then my family came over for a big Christmas dinner and more gifts.

Paige turned everyone into princesses with her magic wand.

Oh, I forgot one of the HK things:  a pancake maker.  We will make little HK shaped pancakes for breakfast tomorrow.

I'm so exhausted from these last few days.  But we got an awesome surprise - David's work closed tomorrow due to the ice and snow we have.  We are VERY excited for an extra day with daddy.

Wonderful holiday season this year.  I'm sad it is is drawing to a close.  Seeing the magic through the eyes of my children has enhanced this time of year so much.

Christmas Eve

We had a lovely Christmas Eve.  My parents were visiting my brother and his wife in a different city, and we had just come back from visiting David's family in Texas.  I told David yesterday that I felt like we were really grown-ups now.  Spending Christmas Eve with just our little family.  A first for us!  We went to church, came home and cooked dinner, made cookies for santa, prepped a few things for our dinner tomorrow, put the kiddos to sleep, then did our santa duties! 

No one was that interested in taking a Christmas Eve photo.  And excuse our tree only decorated on the top half.  two 2 year old boys are very interested in pulling things off the tree.  I'm surprised our sad little tree even made it this far. 

We are hosting my whole family today (weather permitting) and I need to get busy in the kitchen!  Merry Christmas!! xoxo