Saturday, December 15, 2012

santa visit!

We had our neighborhood Christmas party today, which was fantastic.  So glad to be a part of this little community.  

We had crafts...

Got to run around outside some...

Of course eat some cookies!

And Santa made a surprise visit on a firetruck!  The amazement on all the little children's faces was a wonderful thing to witness.

Paige and I waited in line to visit with santa a ms. clause.

Love my little lady.

Paige did GREAT with santa!  She loved him so much!  He asked her what she wanted for Christmas, and she very sweetly replied, "hello kitty stuff."

All the party attendees brought a new toy to donate to a children's charity.   Paige was asking who we were giving our present to, and we told her that a little girl who didn't have as many toys as she did was going to get it.  She seemed to not quite understand that, so we explained that we are very lucky to have all that we do, but not everyone is so lucky.  It is good to give things when we can.  She seemed a little sad talking about kids who don't have many toys.  It really broke my heart.  She was very proud walking over to the pile to donate her gift.  Such a sweet, giving girl.

Braley did fine.  He wasn't overly excited, but he wasn't scared.  Jack - well, see for yourself.

We didn't torture him, so daddy grabbed him quickly.  But Braley was happy to stay!

While I enjoyed sharing the magic of the holidays with my kids and husband, a part of me felt guilty for enjoying myself when there are weeping mothers and broken fathers, terrified and traumatized children, a community completely changed.  I do understand that I can't live in fear and constant sadness.  That going on and living life like normal is the way to not let hatred like this "win."  But I'm really struggling with it.  Praying as fervently as ever for the victims.  

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