Tuesday, December 18, 2012

iPhone picture dump

Kids sure do know how to kick back and relax.  I used to insist all meals be eaten in the kitchen, in high chairs or at the table.  Not any more.  Grab your waffle, sit on the couch and watch Super.Why.  It is the only way I can: a - eat my own meal and b - get dressed.

I have been busy baking this holiday season!  Monster cookies are my new favorites:  peanut butter, oatmeal, chocolate chip, and m&m cookies all rolled into one.

We renewed our zoo membership, and have been taking advantage of the nice weather!

Love spending Wednesdays with this girl!

I attended my yearly girl's christmas party last week.  Sometimes, I really hate being short.

Yeah, this hat was supposed to be a Christmas present.  Miss Paige decided to (when I wasn't looking) open one of her gifts early.  She loved it so much and was so happy, I couldn't take it away.

Then her grandfather came into town and brought  her a new hello.kitty alarm clock.  You can see she was very pleased with it!

We have a busy week - kids have school, and we leave Thursday to spend a few days in College Station with David's folks.  We will be back here for Christmas eve, though.


Carla said...

Hello! The hat is adorable! Would you mind sharing where you found it?

Anonymous said...

Hello- The hat is adorable. Would you mind sharing where you found it?