Monday, February 28, 2011

Big change

Jack has had a super dry scalp for a while now. It turned into something worse in the last few weeks - bleeding, sores, and scale-like flakes. David decided that in order to treat his scalp better, we needed to shave his head. So shave his head he did...

They really look like twins now!

His scalp looks SO much better now. I apply the oil directly to it and the cream to help where he had rubbed sores and I can see a lot of improvement in just 2 days. But I am really sad! I miss that messy black hair! I know it will grow back...and David knows that he is to NEVER do that again.

Paige one year ago

It is hard to believe that a whole year ago, I started my IVF cycle with the boys. I started stimming right around my birthday (which is this Saturday!) and I really can't believe how much has happened since then.

Even harder to believe? How much Paige has changed.

A year ago, she was just starting to really cruise around and make concrete strides towards walking. She didn't walk until June, but she was standing and cruising long before then.

A year ago, at 10 months, she was just getting the hang of solids. She refused baby food, so we waited until she was 9 months and let her eat table food.

A year ago, I could have never guessed how fast THIS year has gone. She will be 2 in less than 2 months, and while I'm excited about what is to come, I can't help but wish I could go back to last year, just for a little bit.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hello there : )

Spike went missing for 5 hours on Tuesday. It was awful! He came back safe and sound, so that is what matters.

The Aquadoodle is such a fun product! It is great for toddlers who like to color/paint. I was sick of crayon getting all over my walls, so I took the recommendation of a friend and got this. Money well spent!

It is just a pad that changes color with water. So if she goes off the pad, it is only water. It has provided a lot of fun!

Boys are doing awesome. Sleeping from 10:30-8 or 8:30 every day. Starting to nap with a predictable pattern. Still eating great. Smiling and laughing all the time. Blessing our lives with their presence more and more every day : )

Have a great week, friends!

Friday, February 25, 2011


Paige is working on her back molars and hitting the tantrum phase all at the same time. And girlfriend is all about the drama these days.

Yes, she has a dirty face. The only thing keeping her happy today is granola. And since she is teething, she is slobbering a lot. So she is sporting the messy face, and I'm totally fine with that!

She is big into "feeling" words right now too, which cracks me up. "I hurt!" "I'm scared!" "I'm crying!" I'm like - no you aren't...but whatevs : )

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Being a twin means your mom gets asked funny things

First - some pictures!

My sister-in-law and I took our girls to see Beauty and the Beast this past weekend. Paige did great for the first act and loved the music and dancing, but we left after intermission. It was getting too long. Paige LOVES Ava. They are so cute playing together! This was my best attempt at catching the fun of a 22 month old and her almost 3 year old cousin playing.

I can't hardly stand the cuteness that comes along with twin boys. It makes the times when they are both crying and all I want to do is take a bath worth it. ; )

Jack is getting so fat, it almost looks uncomfortable now. He has no neck. He can barely turn his head to the side because there is so much fat in the way. I can't wait to see what he weighs at his 4 month appointment. He was in the 90th percentile at his 2 month, so I'm thinking he might be off the charts now. A far cry from my peanut little girl!

I got my rings cleaned at the family-owned jewelry store where David has bought me my things. A bunch of old ladies work/hang around there. I had the boys with me, so I expected some lookers and questions.


Are they identical?

Are you sure? They look identical.

Well sometimes, they can be identical even if they don't look alike. I read that somewhere.

How do you tell them apart?

Do you hope to have another set of twins?

Are they good?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Paige's morning entourage

Paige finds some random things in the mornings that she likes to carry around with her. This morning, it was one of her babies, a kitty, a duck toy from the bath, and a piece of cheese.

She has to stop and set down her entourage in order to finish her cheese, though.

Then she is back on her merry way!

And sometimes we find a random shoe to put on for good measure.

She is such a goofball!

We tried out West, which is a new-ish restaurant in Oklahoma City, last night. It was one of my best friend's birthday, so there was a big group. While I loved the atmosphere of West, I thought the food was only okay. I'd go back, though!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Get out of town!

With the cuteness : )
I love these boys!

We set a record high yesterday with a temp of 81 degrees. It was amazing! The kiddos and I packed up and went to the park after Paige got out of school. She played hard and slept until 9:05 this morning! Starting the Friday off right, folks!

Have a good one!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Random : )

Paige wanted in on the tummy time action. She is so funny. When I lay the boys down for tummy time, she either gets down and does it too, or she gets her twin babies out and lays them down.

She wanted in on their 3 month pictures, but refused to put her friend (what we call that doll) or her waffle down.

Big boys! 3 months old!

Busy dads who are in grad school need to multi-task sometimes! Hopefully Jack will pick up some finance principles!

What happens when daddy is allowed to do Paige's hair
It was funny - he thought that was the most normal thing in the world - a great solution go keeping all her hair out of her face.