Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cabin fever photos

Who are these gigantic boys? They don't look like tiny newborn twins to me anymore. If it is possible - I think this time is going even faster than it did the first time around.

I love these little outfits!

I am biased, yes - but I think these are the most gorgeous boys I have ever seen!

This is what Paiger bug thinks of being stuck inside.

I'm right there with ya, sister.

We have a Denali XL with 4x4, so we can get out. David and I got a sitter and went out downtown and to the Thunder game last night with our friends, which was fabulous. But today, David had to take my car to work and the trio and I will be spending the day indoors. It is SO cold out, I wouldn't take the babies out anyway. We are getting a tiny reprieve this weekend (temps into the 40s), then expecting another arctic blast on Monday. Good times.

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Tiffany said...

those little guys are precious! They have grown so much :) The pics of Paige are hilarious. I felt her pain, I wanted to cry too!

Stay warm!