Monday, February 14, 2011

A true look, captured through the iphone

My life at home with 3 kids is much better documented through my phone camera than my real one. These are the real moments of our day...

Jack and Braley snugglingHanging on the couch while Paige and I read

Braley's signature expression
Looking in the backseat and Paige has put her sunglasses on!

(taken with David's phone with a flash) Paige feeding herself applesauce
Braley wearing a girls shirt. He threw up all over himself at my folk's house and we had nothing to put him in but this
Braley snuggling with his momma
All the kiddos piling up in bed with me in the morning

Jack smiling away!
Laying in his daddy
A typical site in our house
Love that smile!
David and I getting out to a few Thunder games
The boys napping on me

Paige playing upstairs
Being very goofy!
I love this crazy life!


Brittney said...

Looks like your precious little ones keep you pretty busy/entertained! They are so cute.

Kristi said...

Love all the pics:)Hope y'all had a great valentines day!