Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Random : )

Paige wanted in on the tummy time action. She is so funny. When I lay the boys down for tummy time, she either gets down and does it too, or she gets her twin babies out and lays them down.

She wanted in on their 3 month pictures, but refused to put her friend (what we call that doll) or her waffle down.

Big boys! 3 months old!

Busy dads who are in grad school need to multi-task sometimes! Hopefully Jack will pick up some finance principles!

What happens when daddy is allowed to do Paige's hair
It was funny - he thought that was the most normal thing in the world - a great solution go keeping all her hair out of her face.


Lindsey said...

I'm betting Alex will do something similar to Kate's hair!

And, I love how Paige is such a little momma!!

Tabitha said...

LOVE the hair! :)