Tuesday, February 8, 2011

February marches on - and I document it with photos

Our Super Bowl party was a success!! The kids had a blast and I had fun chatting with the girls and catching up with everyone.

Two things you can always count on when coming over to our house...


Two things that make me very happy and make being a hostess fun : )

My beautiful boys are growing and growing. They are now wearing size 3-6 months clothes and size TWO diapers! Crazy!

They smile all the time and are starting to giggle.

Jack has the most amazing blue eyes.

Thank goodness Paige had school today. She has been out for what seems like forever due to the weather. And it is looking like we will be stuck inside again all day tomorrow, courtesy of another blizzard. So I'm glad she got to go play with her friends today.

Stay warm, folks! And let us all remember to be thankful for warm houses and families to snuggle with this winter.


Sarah said...

Such cuties!!!

Dre said...

They are just too adorable! I love baby toes! Oh, and the Veuve too... ever since one of my friends bought me a bottle the day I took the bar exam and told me to wait to drink it until I received the results. I was hooked ever since then!

Kristi said...

Veuve is my favorite...the Veuve Rose is yummy too!! And can't believe how big the twins are getting:)

Lisa said...

They are SO cute!!