Sunday, November 28, 2010

Random updates

We are having newborn/family pictures taken today at our house.

My mother-in-law is coming today!! For a week! I am pretty sure I would be having a massive breakdown knowing that David is going back to work tomorrow if I didn't have a full-time helper coming. God bless her for doing this for us!

Our night nannies start TONIGHT! Thank God!! We are getting pretty sleep-deprived. I am going to nurse the boys, go to bed, wake once to pump, and get up at 8 when they leave. We are so blessed to be able to have this help and I am well aware that it is a major privilege.

Mom and I took all three kids to lunch, the mall, and babies r us yesterday while David was at OU/OSU. It was hard, but it worked. It makes me so happy knowing it is possible for me to be out. I need it for my sanity!

BOOMER SOONER!! Big XII championship baby!! : )

I am at my pre-pregnancy weight, but my stomach is a mess. I'm pretty sure plastic surgery will be in my future at some point.

Friday, November 26, 2010

We are still alive!

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving! We had a great one. The babies loved being cuddled by my aunt and cousins, and Paige was as cute as can be.

Things here are still going well, although last night was a little harder. Braley wouldn't settle down after I fed them around 11:00. He wants to be held so much, which is adorable and very frustrating when you want to go to sleep. But we eventually got him settled in, then they both slept for 3 hours, ate, then 4 more after that. So I know we really can't complain too much.

Weight check (one week old):

Braley - birth = 5 lb 10 oz - one week = 5 lb 12 oz!!! GREAT news!
Jack - birth = 6 lb 2 oz - one week = 5 lb 15 oz. So not to birth weight yet, but getting close and doing well.

We have their 2 week check on Tuesday.

Paige loves blowing kisses right now! There are so many things I feel like she is learning every day. Sometimes, I have no clue who teaches her these things - then I remember that she is in school. They are probably way better at edumacating her than David and I are.

Cute little love. She is so sweet and loves her baby brothers. She is definitely more fussy than she used to be. I know this transition is tough for her. But she really is doing a good job.

Jack on the left, Braley on the right.

Paige loves her "babas!"

Today, David is playing golf with my family and my aunt is going to helping me out. We might be really crazy and get out with the kids. I'd like to get some shopping done, but not sure that Black Friday is the right time to take out 2 newborns and a toddler. If we do, I'm sure I'll have some interesting stories to share!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Coming up for air

Things have been going pretty well here. Except yesterday. This is all I am going to say about this...but if you find yourself in a similar situation, this information will be very valuable to you: don't let yourself get to the point, after major abdominal surgery, where you haven't gone to the bathroom in a week. It isn't a good situation.

On to better things! On our first night home (Friday), we took a bath to get the yucky hospital off of us.

First, a little tummy time!

Sweet Jack. He is my laid back baby. It startles me if he ever lets out a cry, because he is so easy going! He also looks so much like Paige to me.

Baby Braley. He is going to be the biggest momma's boy - which I love : ) He loves to be cuddled and held, and LOVES nursing. I think if he had his way, any awake time he had would be with a boob in his mouth. We already decided that the 'bananas over mommy' jammies will be worn by little bitty Braley.

Bath!! Braley's towel is the blue elephant

Jack's is the green frog

Neither Jack nor Braley were fans of the bath. I can't wait for their cords to fall off so we can bathe them in the kitchen sink. Paigers loved that so much as a baby. We just cradled her head and let her body free-float in the water. I'm excited to let the boys try that.

I'm feeling pretty well too. Besides yesterday. But we won't talk about that. I am weepy on and off, which is to be expected at this point. I have these moments where I think I can't possibly manage this. I start to feel overwhelmed and I let it get the best of me. But then there are moments like right now. I feel like this is going to be awesome and I can't believe how blessed we have been.

Things that I will need to repeat and to be repeated to me are: this is so, so temporary. Any hard phase we happen to be in will pass. I will look back on these days fondly, and miss them terribly. The days of tiny babies are fast and fleeting, and need to be cherished. We are undeniably lucky.

Sleep: going pretty well. They have one 4 or 5 hour stretch of sleep every night, which is great. We have been getting 7 or so hours of sleep at night, just broken up. But with newborn twins - that is pretty amazing. I am also not one to follow the: babies must be woken every 3 hours at night to eat. I don't believe in that. They eat every 2-3 hours during the day, so I don't feel bad letting them get their sleep at night. They have a weight check today, so if they aren't gaining enough, we will obviously re-evaluate the situation. But I think they are doing just fine. Those kids have more wet diapers than we can handle! We have gone through a whole box since Friday.

Thanks for checking in! I will update on our weight check later this afternoon.

Friday, November 19, 2010


I didn't sleep at all the night before. Not surprising - I was anxious, excited, and just READY for it to be time. We checked into the hospital at 6:30 AM, signed several papers, and were brought back to our room. I was hungry and a bit nauseous, which I knew was a bad sign.

They hooked me up to the monitors, drew blood, started my IV, went over several things, and before I knew it, they were wheeling me back!

David had to answer a work email right as we were getting ready to go. Kind of funny: the nurse gave him his scrubs and told him to put them on. He had to go to the bathroom, so he walked back to go and put them on. The nurse felt the need to remind him to keep his clothes on. The scrubs just went on top. I laughed - and she said, oh you would be surprised at how many husbands walk out naked with only these thin scrubs on.

The OR was FREEZING. I was shaking and felt a little queasy. David was waiting outside with my mom. They got me on the table and the anesthesiologist went over the spinal block with me. They did the numbing shot and before I knew it, I couldn't feel my but. It was a very strange sensation. I didn't particularly like it. I laid back, and started to not be able to wiggle my toes. Again, it was strange and I didn't find it pleasant at all. This is when I started feeling sick. They had put an oxygen mask on me at some point, but I had to take it off so I could throw up. David came in (they make the husband wait until I am draped and the initial incision is made), and I was throwing up non-stop. I kept thinking - for the love of God, get on with this! I didn't think they had started yet, but then I heard the secondary surgeon announce, "we are at the babies!" I felt better for about a minute, until they started trying to pull baby A out. He was so engaged in my pelvis that they had to really pull. It was awful. I didn't feel the pain of it, but I felt the pressure and the motion of it. Kind of hard to explain, but all I know is I started throwing up again. Once he was out, I felt a lot better.

I was so happy to catch a glimpse of my baby boy A.

I kept all the gross pictures out of here : ) But we have them!

Jack came out very bruised and swollen from his position in my pelvis and due to the nature of how he had to be pulled out. : ( It broke my heart. But one of the nurses said, oh you should name him Jack. It is the "tough" name. So we said, "okay!" Plus, he just looked like Jack and our tiny baby looked like Braley. Jack was 6lb 3oz and Braley was a tiny 5lb 10oz

Braley on the left, Jack on the right

My dad, Papa, with his new grandsons.

My day on Tuesday: I can sum it up pretty easily: vomiting, shaking, body temp that couldn't get above 93, a blur of trying to breastfeed while vomiting, and the sheer joy of healthy baby boys. This is about as good as I managed to look on Tuesday.

Gran and Jack meeting Jack and Braley

A worn out daddy

Wednesday and Thursday were much better. Then we got discharged on Friday!

Sweet Braley
Tiny boys in their car seats

We got home as a family of 5 this afternoon. It is crazy and hectic. And pretty hard. But we are surviving! All three kiddos are sleeping right now and David and I are eating dinner, trying to relax, and watch the Thunder game. It will be time to bathe and feed the boys soon, and try and get some sleep!

A funny comment

I got the funniest comment on my post introducing Jack and Braley. Someone suggested that we use James Braley instead of Braley James. I guess it "goes better" with Jack and Paige.

They also asked if it was a family name or one that I made up. It is a family name. It is David's mother's maiden name, and also David's middle name. Jack is my mother's maiden name.

I hope that clears up any questions people have about the names we selected!

I know that Braley is an unusual choice, and this is only the start of people wondering about it. We like it and think it goes great with our other kids' names. He also just looks like a Braley. So it sticks : )

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Checking in

David and I had really hoped to go home today, but my OB gave us a swift, NO! She said that I had gone full term with twins and had a pretty rough C-Section, so she really wanted me to stay the full 72+ hours. We will be discharged mid-morning tomorrow, provided that both boys and I keep doing well.

I'm fine with staying here, and am enjoying this time of snuggling with my baby boys, but I miss Paige so much : ( I know she LOVES being with her grandparents and is having a blast. She is at school today, and David is going to pick her up this afternoon and spend a few hours with her, which makes me happy. But I just miss her. I am ready to be home with all 3 of my kids.

Anyway - things here are going so great. These boys are amazing eaters, and breastfeeding them is making me so happy! It is really something I want to stick with, so getting off to this wonderful start is making me feel very positive!

David left a few minutes ago to go mentor. I didn't want him to miss it, as I know the kid he mentors looks forward to this every week. So I have a sleepy Jack snuggled next to me, baby Braley on my lap, and my laptop on the sliding tray next to the bed : )


Here I am snuggling with my baby Jack. Normally, Braley will be in blue - but he spit up a bit on his brown hat, so we put this one on him.

Jack is still sporting his black eye. Its funny, that is how my dad tells them apart! He gets his glasses on and examines them, then says - oh, this one is Jack.

David with Braley

Both my little snuggle bugs.

We have LOVED having visitors come in because we love showing off our babies! All my local friends are encouraged to keep coming! Especially since we are stuck here one more night!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Jack and Braley!

We have been blessed two more times!

Jack David (left) - born on 11/16/2010 at 9:08 AM - 6 lbs 3 oz - 19 inches long
Braley James (right) - born on 11/16/2010 at 9:09 AM - 5 lbs 10 oz - 20 inches long

Birth story will come later - but I have to say that it was rough! I was very sick, shaking - the works. Jack was also born with bruises on his sweet little face. He was very low in my pelvic, which caused some of it, and then he had to really be pulled to get out. Poor thing : ( But he looks a lot better today and most of his swelling has gone down.

They are beautiful and David and I are totally in love.

Breastfeeding is going well! I am really happy about this, as I want so badly to nurse these boys. They are eager eaters and have been easy to latch on. We are going to start working on tandem feeding today.

My mom put it perfectly last night: "It would be right for one of them to be here and not the other. They were meant to come together."

I totally feel the same. My twin pregnancy was rough, their C-Section was rough, recovery has been much harder this time than last, and we know we have many rough days/nights ahead...but this is right.

Monday, November 15, 2010

37 weeks! Amazing! And some fun pictures

Last belly pic. I am not growing out so much anymore, as I am DOWN. If it looks painful - it is because it is. What can I say? PUPPS is a nightmare still, my back and pelvis are totally jacked I have no clue when I will feel normal again, pain pills and ambien are my only lifeline...

But I am FULL TERM with twins!! What an amazing blessing and I couldn't feel luckier. I can't wait to meet my sweet boys. I can't wait to see what they look like.

My little ladybug : )

She came with us to the tailgate on Saturday (went home with a sitter). When I got home, my grandmother told me she was lethargic and warm. I took her temp and sure enough, she had a fever. : ( However, she was eating and Motrin brought it down right away. She was very playful and happy after her temp got down to about 98. I put her to sleep, and honestly expected another fever in the morning. But she was cool as can be and very happy! I guess it was a super random little virus that passed as fast as it started.

Just to be safe, I cleaned all her toys, sheets, blankets...can't take any chances!

Our newest love: the dog cages! We let our dogs play outside when we are gone except on those cold winter mornings. So Paige has started noticing them more and more, and is very interested in playing in them!

This is the little bed we keep in Beefy's. She kept putting it on her head and walking around the house saying, "hat!" It was hysterical.

Please excuse her outfit. She had on skinny jeans with that top, but David put those pants on her before her nap so she would be more comfy. We lounged around all afternoon, so we kept our lounge clothes on!

We had an awesome shower at David's work. They were very generous! We got 2 bouncy seats, an activity playmat, changing pad cover, swaddling blankets, soft blankets, receiving blankets, tons of clothes, diapers, wipes, towels, bath robes...we have MORE than we could ever need and that is a wonderful thing with twins!

I guess this will be my last post until after the boys get here! I don't think I am bringing my laptop. I'll have my phone so I'll be able to update, just no pictures. We should be home on Friday so hopefully I'll get all my pics on here before too long!

Wish us luck!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

No babies yet

Still here. Exhausted and in a lot of pain. I went to the OU game yesterday, and felt fine. But today...oh boy - am I ever paying for it.

I'm nauseous, sore, tired, uggghh. I have some pills to help with my pain, but since I feel a nauseous already, I'm hesitating to take them.

A huge part of me is begging the good Lord to break my water and end this now! But this pesky, nagging voice chimes in and reminds me that I need Monday to get my shit together. I need to pack, get Paige packed, get her school things ready for the week, David has a ton of things to tie up at work, he has s paper to finish...the Tuesday timing makes sense.

So still hanging in there by a tiny, rapidly shredding piece of string. I'll update if anything changes : ) and of course...a belly shot!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Greetings from the mall food court

Just left my NST. Boys look great! They did an internal because I was contracting every 6 minutes. She said she could feel baby A's head right there!! Eeek!! I am also pretty much completely effaced, but I haven't really started to dilate. They let me go, but she said it could be any time.

I don't know, though...I'm still fairly certain it won't be until Tuesday. So I'm eating a nutritious lunch (cough...cheeseburger...cough) and going to get my nails done as scheduled.

I don't expect to have any exciting news to share until Tuesday. Anyone care to differ?

Random thoughts before I begin my day:

1. I started crying last night because I am going to miss these boys being on the inside. They have been rolling, punching, and literally bouncing off the walls the last few days. I think they know their time with me is numbered, and are getting excited about it! But the idea that I will never experience this again...
There are so many bad parts about this pregnancy. 90% of it has made me miserable. But the wonderful part - I love it so much. I truly cherish my bodies ability carry babies. My pregnancy with Paige was a delight. This one, not so much - however I have managed to carry twins to term with no bedrest. That is pretty dang good. I am going to miss feeling a baby moving inside.

2. PUPPS is the most awful thing ever.

3. I am kind of stressing about how we are going to name them. I hope one "looks like" a Jack and the other one "looks like" a Braley. I don't want to have to debate about this.

4. I have been pretty weepy lately. Little things - like watching the CMA's last night and Carrie Underwood singing Momma's Song. Brad Paisley's acceptance speech. All had me boo hooing. I was pulling through the Wallgreen's (or McDonald's - I won't say which one) drive-thru, and Martina McBride's, "In My Daughter's Eyes" was on the radio. Sob fest.

5. I have been washing my hair and putting on make-up every day this week, just in case my water breaks and I have to go immediately to the hospital. Yes, I am one of those girls who will want to look decent for those first pictures. I also packed my blow-dryer, straightener, and curling iron in my bag. And before you go off and say, "oh I promise you won't use that stuff. You won't even care how you look!" Remember, that I had a baby 18 months ago and certainly did use that stuff.

6. I am getting a mani/pedi today after my NST and before Paige needs to be picked up from school. I hope I fit in the damn chair.

7. We have a shower up in David's office this afternoon at 4. I'm excited!

8. I am going to the OU game on Saturday. Yep - all 37 weeks pregnant-with- twins of me. I told entire family and most of my friends are going to be there. I simply cannot sit at home and watch the clock slowly tick by. I am going. If my water breaks - we will have plenty of time to get to Mercy. If you would have told me at the beginning of the season that I would attend every home game (but Halloween), including the Tech game 3 days before my C-Section, I would have thought you had gone out and lost your mind. Maybe I'm the one whose lost their mind? Who knows...I should get a lot of funny looks, at least.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Week 36 appointment

First - because she is just too cute...

I love her so much! I am starting to get a little weepy thinking that I am taking away her only-child status at this tender age. But I know she will do great. She will still get more than enough love from mom, dad, and every other person who loves her. And the gift of siblings...priceless. I just hope the adjustment period isn't too hard on her.

Anyway - today's appointment:

Still up 30 pounds, which I am thrilled with. I'm not thinking I'll gain anymore before my C-Section. I don't really have an appetite the last few days. I think 30 is great - and I should lose most of it in the hospital!

I signed all my consents for surgery! I will be getting a spinal block instead of an epidural. We check in at 6:45, and surgery starts at 8:45. David will be brought in the OR after I am draped and the first incision is made. I am pretty freaking pumped.

The rest of the appointment was fine...I was just told that my BP was fine, and she did measure me - but didn't say what it was. I'm assuming it was fine.

NST on Thursday and Monday! That is it!