Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Coming up for air

Things have been going pretty well here. Except yesterday. This is all I am going to say about this...but if you find yourself in a similar situation, this information will be very valuable to you: don't let yourself get to the point, after major abdominal surgery, where you haven't gone to the bathroom in a week. It isn't a good situation.

On to better things! On our first night home (Friday), we took a bath to get the yucky hospital off of us.

First, a little tummy time!

Sweet Jack. He is my laid back baby. It startles me if he ever lets out a cry, because he is so easy going! He also looks so much like Paige to me.

Baby Braley. He is going to be the biggest momma's boy - which I love : ) He loves to be cuddled and held, and LOVES nursing. I think if he had his way, any awake time he had would be with a boob in his mouth. We already decided that the 'bananas over mommy' jammies will be worn by little bitty Braley.

Bath!! Braley's towel is the blue elephant

Jack's is the green frog

Neither Jack nor Braley were fans of the bath. I can't wait for their cords to fall off so we can bathe them in the kitchen sink. Paigers loved that so much as a baby. We just cradled her head and let her body free-float in the water. I'm excited to let the boys try that.

I'm feeling pretty well too. Besides yesterday. But we won't talk about that. I am weepy on and off, which is to be expected at this point. I have these moments where I think I can't possibly manage this. I start to feel overwhelmed and I let it get the best of me. But then there are moments like right now. I feel like this is going to be awesome and I can't believe how blessed we have been.

Things that I will need to repeat and to be repeated to me are: this is so, so temporary. Any hard phase we happen to be in will pass. I will look back on these days fondly, and miss them terribly. The days of tiny babies are fast and fleeting, and need to be cherished. We are undeniably lucky.

Sleep: going pretty well. They have one 4 or 5 hour stretch of sleep every night, which is great. We have been getting 7 or so hours of sleep at night, just broken up. But with newborn twins - that is pretty amazing. I am also not one to follow the: babies must be woken every 3 hours at night to eat. I don't believe in that. They eat every 2-3 hours during the day, so I don't feel bad letting them get their sleep at night. They have a weight check today, so if they aren't gaining enough, we will obviously re-evaluate the situation. But I think they are doing just fine. Those kids have more wet diapers than we can handle! We have gone through a whole box since Friday.

Thanks for checking in! I will update on our weight check later this afternoon.


Lindsey said...

So glad everything is going good!! Love pictures of those sweet boys!

Sara said...

They are so teeny tiny! And all that hair! I know you are just loving them to bits. Cute baby overload.