Thursday, November 18, 2010

Checking in

David and I had really hoped to go home today, but my OB gave us a swift, NO! She said that I had gone full term with twins and had a pretty rough C-Section, so she really wanted me to stay the full 72+ hours. We will be discharged mid-morning tomorrow, provided that both boys and I keep doing well.

I'm fine with staying here, and am enjoying this time of snuggling with my baby boys, but I miss Paige so much : ( I know she LOVES being with her grandparents and is having a blast. She is at school today, and David is going to pick her up this afternoon and spend a few hours with her, which makes me happy. But I just miss her. I am ready to be home with all 3 of my kids.

Anyway - things here are going so great. These boys are amazing eaters, and breastfeeding them is making me so happy! It is really something I want to stick with, so getting off to this wonderful start is making me feel very positive!

David left a few minutes ago to go mentor. I didn't want him to miss it, as I know the kid he mentors looks forward to this every week. So I have a sleepy Jack snuggled next to me, baby Braley on my lap, and my laptop on the sliding tray next to the bed : )


Here I am snuggling with my baby Jack. Normally, Braley will be in blue - but he spit up a bit on his brown hat, so we put this one on him.

Jack is still sporting his black eye. Its funny, that is how my dad tells them apart! He gets his glasses on and examines them, then says - oh, this one is Jack.

David with Braley

Both my little snuggle bugs.

We have LOVED having visitors come in because we love showing off our babies! All my local friends are encouraged to keep coming! Especially since we are stuck here one more night!


Stacy said...

SO CUTE! What a beautiful family. Enjoy your snuggly time with them and get your rest!

MI Blogspot said...

Enjoy your cuddle time and thinking of you and your family!

Lindsey said...

They look so different to me. Both super cute but unique!

I wish I was local and could come steal some snuggles.

Lisa said...

Congrats on your new little ones! They are prcious, and I think that Jack looks like Paige.

Take it easy momma! I say take all the help you can while you can get it. Enjoy your time there.

The Frasiers said...

I love the twins!!! they are so precious!