Sunday, November 7, 2010

Looooong weekend!

This weekend has been very productive and I had an awesome time hanging with my sweet family of 3, but man - I am DONE. I am so tired right now! I was excited that David went to the Thunder game so I could just lay in the bath and get in bed early.

We will start with Saturday! We decided to do some shopping and take advantage of the last weekend of the Premier.Card. (pay money to a charity and get 20% almost every store in town!). We got a few last-minute things for the boys' room and got the kids Christmas card picture outfits. I am so freaking excited about cute! Just a hint...Paige bug will be wearing fab gold flats : )

We decided to stay home and watch the OU game (I won't discuss the actual game, except to say: I'm not sure which made me more nauseous - watching the game, or all the damn commercials for the McRib. McVomit).

My parents came over to watch it with us, and we ordered pizza.

My beauty in her gear ready to cheer. Guess they didn't hear : (

So...the boys' room is now basically complete.

I took a bunch of pictures to give you a feel.

I love this cross. My sister-in-law had a holiday party at her house where tons of vendors came over to sell their things. This is one of the things I found.

I love this vintage golf bag!

Paigers is fascinated with the swing. I am sort of fearful for the innocent baby she will pester trying to nap in it...
We are thinking we'll keep both swings in the family room - but for now, this one stays here.

I really like the rug. I searched long and hard, and could never decide. I didn't want something plain, as we decided to not paint or do curtains. What do you think?


What do you mean there will be BABIES moving in here?

A NST on Monday, regular appointment on Tuesday, NST on Thursday - then I'm guessing that is it! I hope they don't make me come in for a NST the following Monday before my C-Section on Tuesday, but I guess I'll find out this week.


Lindsey said...

Love the rug, the cross, the golf gear...pretty much I lvoe everything! You did a great job!!!

Dre said...

so I think we have the same two-room baby monitors... if so, I love them!!! Where did you find them because we can't find them anywhere for my sister. Also, I could be mistaken, but do you actually have a fabric cord cover on the baby monitor cord? If so, I am just shaking my head at you and your attention to detail... you crack me up!!! The room looks fabulous!

Megan and David said...

Actually - we couldn't find the two-room monitor either : ( We just had to buy another single room one with one receiver.
It isn't ideal, but I wasn't ready to leave Paige without a monitor because she is in her crib and will be for the foreseeable future.

And yes - I would never leave a cord uncovered : )

Anonymous said...

Are you really naming one of your twins Braley?

kim said...

Love the golf stuff! Let me know of you want to get Baby Bullseyes for the boys when they are born. :)

Dre said...

I totally understand... our first son was 2 and a half when our second arrived and I still wanted to keep him on a monitor.

You are the most fabulous decorator!!! I want to be like you when I "grow" up!!! Hee hee! Just keeping my house semi-organized tires me out!! We have been in our new house since May and the walls still aren't all decorated!

Way to bake those babies, Megan!!! I know how rough one is, I can't imagine two!