Friday, November 5, 2010

Toddlers at the grocery store

All those who have given birth at Mercy, know how awesome these water jugs are! I lost mine a while ago, but got a new one the last time I was admitted to get the steroids. However, Paige bug has now decided it belongs to her.

My little monkey and I woke up in great moods, and decided to play at home then go to the grocery store.

I love that it is getting chilly enough to wear our fun fall hats!

Such a girly-girl who MUST take her hair brush with us!

Boy, were we ever a sight at Target today! I am 14 months pregnant, and Paige is all toddler (ie - when she sees something she wants, she has to have it NOW or else!). So I picked up some bananas - and she had to have one. "NANA!! NANA! NANA!" So I opened one and was feeding it to her while we shopped. Then I got some bread. "Ba! Ba! Ba!" So I opened the package and gave her a slice. Then we got to the cheese. "Cheee! Cheee! Chee!" Okay - I opened the package of cheese and let her have a slice.

All the while, I'm getting my phone out to take pictures of her because she is too darn cute, trying to push the cart around, grabbing other things we need, waddling because I am huge...

NST was great on Thursday. Itching still sucks - but pain pills help some. I can't believe how close we are to meeting our boys.

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Kristi said...

That hat is soo cute!