Monday, November 8, 2010

36 weeks

I had to do a bare belly - you just can't understand how big I am. It is unreal.

Here is what twins look like at 36 weeks.

I had a sort of eventful NST this morning. Both boys looked great on the monitors, but one of them kept jumping off! You need a solid 20-30 minutes of both babies looking good, and we kept having to start over. Finally, they wheeled the u/s machine in to find out exactly what was going on. Sure enough, my higher-presenting baby has a little more room, and was just jumping away from the monitors every chance he got!

They finally got a good strip of both boys, and sent me on my way. However, once I got to the first floor, I saw a girl who maybe looked HALF as pregnant as me. She was all smiles, had her pillow, boppy, husband, and bags! Someone asked them - is it time? And they happily answered, "yes!!" Ugggggh...I was feeling very annoyed by them. I wanted to say - you don't even look miserable! I could eat you AND your baby for lunch!

But I got over it and was thankful again for still being pregnant when I read online about a girl today who went into labor at nearly 24 weeks and lost her twin boys : ( Life can be so cruel and unfair, and there seems to be no rhyme or reason. So I am blissfully still pregnant, thankful, and VERY aware of how lucky I am.


Lindsey said...

Holy belly! But, you are so tiny everywhere else!

Momma Wilson said...

okay that belly is beyond huge, but the rest of you is so tiny! thinking of you and your boys:)

Kristin said...

You look sooo adorable. I LOVE your blog. I have a blog as well, but haven't updated it sense my friend's son was murdered. I really need to start writing again. You should check it out some time.

Jenifer said...

You look great! I am thinking that the boys will both weigh 5 lbs something. Love the room! It turned out great!! We have those exact swings in our family room. Just a little space saver trick depending on what vibrating chairs you have we have the boppy ones they fit perfectly underneath the swings for storage.

Katie said...

You look so great and I am so happy for you! I can't believe your boys are almost here. I'll be praying for you as your big day approaches! :) I am also pregnant with twins (18 weeks) and have a 17 month old daughter, so I've loved following your blog. (And we are also blessed by IVF!) It's so exciting to see how you're doing. . . hang in there and we are thinking about you!! Please keep the updates coming:)

Alicia said...

You look great! Almost time!