Monday, November 1, 2010

35 weeks

Holy cow (cow being the operative word). I am BIG!

So, the steroids seem to work quite well. I took an Ambien, went to sleep, and only woke once to itch. Trust me, that is a huge improvement.

However, it raised my blood sugar. My after-dinner numbers were 187 : ( And my fasting was a 90. These are very high for me, and, while the fasting isn't THAT bad, it is a good 20-25 point jump for me.

So at my NST this morning, my OB came over to have a chat with me. She said they have to go. I lost it. I was so upset - the one thing in 3 weeks that has given me some relief is being taken away because of my stupid blood sugar. She told me to double my dose of my itching pill she gave me last week. So perhaps that will help.

The whole time this was going on, I was on the monitors, contracting every 6-8 minutes. They were very strong, and getting painful. She decided to do an internal, and sure enough, some progress is being made.

She is now pretty sure that, either I will go into labor before the 18th, or we will just decide to go a week or so earlier due to the complete state of misery I am in.

So we are kind of taking it day by day for now. My goal is 36.5 weeks. I think I am going to beg her to call the hospital and reserve my spot for a week from Thursday.

I love this girl.
She is all about bubble baths these days! When we go get in the tub, she screams, "BUBBA!!! BUBBA!!" David wanted to make bubble baths a special treat at first, but there is no way you can't pour bubbles in there now. She would throw the fit of a lifetime!

She is so freaking goofy, too.

She loves to ride this little ladybug around the family room.

I can't wait to see if her baby brothers look like her!! EEEEK!!!!


Dre said...

Seriously? That belly seems to defy the laws of gravity! I know it is not fun for you, but I cannot help but giggle when I see your belly on your tiny frame!

Just remember to have them give you anti-itch medicine every time they give you pain meds at the hospital so they work at the same time... you don't want the itching to get in the way of any relief you get!

Soooo close!

Lindsey said...

I think you are going to go early! Cannot wait to meet these boys!!!

Callie said...

You poor thing... I am sure your back is killing you... on top of all the itching I am sure your quite miserable right now. Praying those boys can continue to cook, and that you can have some relief.
Just know that if you ever need anything PLEASE let me know!! ;)

p.s. Paige is SUPER DUPER cute... Love the pics of her!

Tabitha said...

Oh are SO CLOSE!!! Your belly IS huge...but it's adorable and the rest of you is so incredibly tiny!

Alicia said...

Yay! almost there! You look great!