Thursday, November 11, 2010

Random thoughts before I begin my day:

1. I started crying last night because I am going to miss these boys being on the inside. They have been rolling, punching, and literally bouncing off the walls the last few days. I think they know their time with me is numbered, and are getting excited about it! But the idea that I will never experience this again...
There are so many bad parts about this pregnancy. 90% of it has made me miserable. But the wonderful part - I love it so much. I truly cherish my bodies ability carry babies. My pregnancy with Paige was a delight. This one, not so much - however I have managed to carry twins to term with no bedrest. That is pretty dang good. I am going to miss feeling a baby moving inside.

2. PUPPS is the most awful thing ever.

3. I am kind of stressing about how we are going to name them. I hope one "looks like" a Jack and the other one "looks like" a Braley. I don't want to have to debate about this.

4. I have been pretty weepy lately. Little things - like watching the CMA's last night and Carrie Underwood singing Momma's Song. Brad Paisley's acceptance speech. All had me boo hooing. I was pulling through the Wallgreen's (or McDonald's - I won't say which one) drive-thru, and Martina McBride's, "In My Daughter's Eyes" was on the radio. Sob fest.

5. I have been washing my hair and putting on make-up every day this week, just in case my water breaks and I have to go immediately to the hospital. Yes, I am one of those girls who will want to look decent for those first pictures. I also packed my blow-dryer, straightener, and curling iron in my bag. And before you go off and say, "oh I promise you won't use that stuff. You won't even care how you look!" Remember, that I had a baby 18 months ago and certainly did use that stuff.

6. I am getting a mani/pedi today after my NST and before Paige needs to be picked up from school. I hope I fit in the damn chair.

7. We have a shower up in David's office this afternoon at 4. I'm excited!

8. I am going to the OU game on Saturday. Yep - all 37 weeks pregnant-with- twins of me. I told entire family and most of my friends are going to be there. I simply cannot sit at home and watch the clock slowly tick by. I am going. If my water breaks - we will have plenty of time to get to Mercy. If you would have told me at the beginning of the season that I would attend every home game (but Halloween), including the Tech game 3 days before my C-Section, I would have thought you had gone out and lost your mind. Maybe I'm the one whose lost their mind? Who knows...I should get a lot of funny looks, at least.


Stacy said...

What a trooper you have been throughout this pregnancy! Have fun at the game and enjoy (if possible!!) your last few days with those beautiful boys in your belly!

Dre said...

Whew. That is quite a bit on your mind! Yes, PUPPS sucks, I know. I also was weepy before my second son was born because I knew that he could very well be my last. My body may hate being pregnant, but I love growing little beings and feeling them move around inside of me.

Also, I have a girlfriend whose water broke and she calmly got into the shower, cleaned up, did her hair and makeup and THEN went to the hospital. With pearls on and everthing. She also was supposed to go to a football game that day (we root for the MSU Spartans in my neck of the woods) and she just felt too tired to go. Well, that was the overtime game where they ran the "Little Giants" play and she was so excited when we won that the baby started rolling around like crazy. She went to bed immediately as it was past midnight and sure enough her water broke 30 minutes later! So maybe the football game is all you need!! What a great birth story to have, huh???

Either way... I am so proud of you carrying those boys all the way... I can't even carry singletons without bedrest and various hospital visits! I can't wait to meet them! I am sure you will just know what to name them when you see them! We had names picked out before as well and were not sure if they would "look" like the name we had chosen and worried if we would have to change at the last moment... it all was fine!

Enjoy your mani/pedi and your shower!!!

Lindsey said...

Isn't it crazy how you know you will miss being pregnant no matter how miserable your pregnancy was?

Don't feel bad about crying - I totally cry all the time now. And, Carrie's song made me cry like a baby. Especially when they showed her actual wedding pictures.