Thursday, March 31, 2011

Another day, another twin photo shoot

I am going to be really sad when Jack and Braley won't sit there and let me take endless amounts of pictures of them. I don't think I'll ever get sick of it - and I may be biased, but I think they get cuter and cuter with each passing day.

They are HUGE! And perfect. I love them so much.

Poor little Paiger bug has the flu. She was so pitiful yesterday, David came home from work to take her to the doctor. She tested positive for the flu, and as everyone knows, there is nothing you can do for them. I was so frustrated and sad. But today, thankfully, she seems to be on the mend. She has entered the extremely crabby phase of illness. But I expect us to fully rebound by this afternoon/tomorrow. Resilient little things, toddlers are.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Have no fear, superman is here?

When the world needs saving, Braley is going to be too busy playing with his feet to heed the call. But he sure is a cute little one.

Jack has the most amazing blue eyes. He really is a beauty.

They are becoming so aware. Their eyes follow me all around the room. They are starting to take notice of each other. They do tummy time facing each other and just laugh and laugh. They are loud. They love the sound of their own voices (don't we all...) and make noises all the time!

They are still sleeping in our bedroom, and I anticipate making the big move to their cribs sometime between month 5 and 6. I'm just not ready. But I'm getting there. David is awesome and is letting me take the lead on this, even though I know he is ready to have his bedroom back.

Paige's party progress is in full steam! I can't wait!!

However, I keep hearing from multiple sources that 2 is the magic age for:

Potty training
Big girl bed
Ditching our nighttime bottle
Quit rocking her to sleep for naps and bed time

Well, crap. I'm really not ready for all of that.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Who can afford to live on Sesame Street?

My sister-in-law and I took our girlies to see Sesame Street Live yesterday. ELMO! BIG BIRD! Chirp Chirp! haha - it was too cute for words.

What wasn't cute, however, was the price gouging happening there. $15 for a tiny Elmo doll. $4.50 for a coke. $5 for a tiny thing of popcorn. Not cool.

Little cousins. So sweet.

Today as been a long one. Paige has a little virus and Jack is anti-nap. Joys of motherhood are sometimes hard to find.

Friday, March 25, 2011

2 waffles

Paige's face in the morning while she waits for her waffles.

The happy girl when she hears the toaster say, "pop!" And yes, she screams "POP!" until they pop.
"Two waffles!" And then she is a happy girl until she decides she wants something else and it isn't immediately given to her (I'm normally given a happy window of about 7-10 minutes).

She likes to yell anything she can think of that she wants. "Water! Momma hug! Chip! Momma hold you!" I'm like - kid...which one do you want? Ahhh, the joys of drama queen toddler girls.

I had to post these. These are Paige's school pictures from mother's day out. How freaking cute! They were taken about 3 weeks after the boys were born, so of course, I forgot it was picture day and she showed up to school looking like this. Her hair is a mess and she is dressed like a goof ball - but I just think they are adorable.

Have a good weekend, friends!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

4 month check

We had our 4 month check-up today!

Jack: 15 pounds 7 oz (75%) 24 3/4 inches (50%) head: 75%
Braley: 14 pounds 3 oz (50%) 24 1/5 inches (50%) head: 95%

Both boys are doing great! As I suspected, they have a touch of eczema, and I have my instructions on how to help them.

My little happy Braley bub

Our pediatrician said they look great and are developing right on track! Jack is a rolling machine! You put him on his back and he flips right over to his stomach. They are both very social and happy. They took their shots like a real man...cried for their mommies to help them : ) They were hungry and tired and have been napping for over an hour since we got home!

I can't wait to see what fun things month 4 brings to our house!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

23 months

Invitations have been ordered, food has been decided, decorations are being it really one month until my baby turns 2?

She is a chatty, happy, and active girl. She loves to climb on everything and explore, but if she can't see her momma or daddy, she'll find us. So she is brave as long as she knows she has a safe place to come back to. And I hope for the rest of her life she is that way. I hope she always knows where home is.

Paige: 3 days after conception : )

We are pretty sure she is the one on top.
Taken Saturday, August 23, 2008. A hot, hot day that started off with me feeling hopeless and sad.

38 weeks and 2 days later...
I labored all day, Paige's heart rate kept dropping and stopped bouncing back like they like, so off to the OR we went!

I don't remember hardly anything about her being born. All I remember is thinking she didn't look like what I thought she would look like. She had so much dark hair! I also remember asking David if she was okay 20 times.

23 months later...
My heart is so full!! I'm exhausted, burned out (hello 4 month wakeful period...hello terrible 2s...) but I'm beyond thankful for this little girl and what she has brought to our lives. She saved us. I hope I'll be able to show her how happy she has made me.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I got a new mixer for my birthday, and I have been baking up a storm! I LOVE it!!

I made some legit m&m cookies yesterday. Come over to my house and you are sure to find tasty treats from now on : )

I always have my 3 sous-chefs by my side to help me.

This little lady thought of a new idea: use the oven mitts as shoes!

Her word of the moment right now is stuck. Everything is stuck. When things don't work like she thinks they should she yells, "STUCK!" So the oven mitts didn't go on her feet easily like shoes do, so naturally, they were "STUCK! STUCK! MOMMY!!! STUCK!"

Friday, March 18, 2011

Cooking and playing

It was 86 degrees here yesterday, so David and I took a walk down to the park and let the kids play outside. Jack and Braley loved the breeze! They would gasp, then giggle like crazy!

What is a vital part of every chef's kitchen? Oven mitts, of course!

I was rocking the boys down for their AM nap, came out to the kitchen, and Paige was yelling, "I cook a pizza! I cook biscuits!" and she had both oven mitts on.

Then she got to enjoy her work (cut up strawberries).

We have a busy weekend ahead. Tonight, we are going out and to the Thunder game, so I need to be showered and ready by 4 when the babysitter is supposed to get here. Taking bets now on who thinks that will actually happen...

Then Saturday I am going to the gym and David is playing golf in the afternoon. And Sunday, we have to be at church at 9 (40 minute drive) to see our best friends' baby get dedicated. Currently taking bets on how late we will be...

Have a good one, folks!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Warmer weather

80 degree temps in March make us happy! Paige and I went outside for a bit while the boys napped this morning. It is windy, but that didn't dampen our spirits!

Please excuse the weeds : )

Time to break out the summer toys and get ourselves a new baby pool for the backyard!

Of course, with warmer temps coming, that can only mean one thing...tornado season is almost here. I hate storm season in Oklahoma. As if they don't stress me out enough - now I will have 3 kids, 2 dogs, and myself to get to safety in the event of little warning before a tornado (which happens plenty!). Guess it is time for the kiddos and I to have a tornado drill!