Wednesday, March 2, 2011


It might border on unhealthy how obsessed I am with my boys. I have been completely smitten with them since I laid eyes on them in the OR, and it has grown and grown to unimaginable levels.

I love all my kids in different ways for the unique qualities that make them - them!

My birthday is on Saturday : )

I can't wait to spend it with my kids and husband. We had just started trying to get pregnant at my birthday 4 years ago. I would have never guessed that by THIS birthday, we would have these three precious souls to celebrate with.


Lindsey said...

Look at Jack's eyes!!! So, so pretty! Are Braley's blue too?

And Happy Birthday Week almost Birthday twin!! I knew we were kindred spirits! This just makes me realize it even more!

Dre said...

They are all beyond adorable and you are so entitled to be obsessed with them! Enjoy every second of your birthday with them! Have a great one!

Lisa said...

They are ADORABLE!!

Dixon Fam said...

Your kids are darling! (Found your blog on the multiples board on the bump BTW)