Thursday, March 3, 2011


Toddlers love to see what mom/dad play with and play with it themselves. Keys, remote, phone, etc. Well I love make-up! Paige loves to play with my make-up brushes.

She now likes to go up to the babies and blot their lips, powder their faces, and apply bronzer.

Poor Jack...has to sit in a hot pink bumbo and get make-up put on him. Such is life with an older sister!

Happy birthday weekend to me and my fab friend, Lindsey. Her birthday is tomorrow. So feel free to drop by and leave her some birthday love : )


Abby said...

That picture of Jack is!! He's going to HATE that picture when he's 16 :D
Happy Birthday!!!

Tabitha said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Love seeing pics of your adorable babies!!

Josie said...

So cute. How would you feel about your boys playing with your makeup?

Kristi said...

Love the make up pics! And hope you had a good birthday weekend!