Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Have no fear, superman is here?

When the world needs saving, Braley is going to be too busy playing with his feet to heed the call. But he sure is a cute little one.

Jack has the most amazing blue eyes. He really is a beauty.

They are becoming so aware. Their eyes follow me all around the room. They are starting to take notice of each other. They do tummy time facing each other and just laugh and laugh. They are loud. They love the sound of their own voices (don't we all...) and make noises all the time!

They are still sleeping in our bedroom, and I anticipate making the big move to their cribs sometime between month 5 and 6. I'm just not ready. But I'm getting there. David is awesome and is letting me take the lead on this, even though I know he is ready to have his bedroom back.

Paige's party progress is in full steam! I can't wait!!

However, I keep hearing from multiple sources that 2 is the magic age for:

Potty training
Big girl bed
Ditching our nighttime bottle
Quit rocking her to sleep for naps and bed time

Well, crap. I'm really not ready for all of that.


Lindsey said...

Jack's eyes are so, so pretty!

And, I can't belive Paige is almost 2 - I remember her first birthday and party like it was yesterday - where has the time gone?!?!

Kelly said...

All three of your babies are so cute!
I love seeing what Jack and Braley are up to...gives me a glimpse of what I'll be seeing in a few months!

Shannon said...

Hold up, we have to quit rocking them to sleep at night at 2! Who came up with that rule??!! I'm with you, I'm so not ready for that. Maybe at age 12! HAHA!