Friday, March 25, 2011

2 waffles

Paige's face in the morning while she waits for her waffles.

The happy girl when she hears the toaster say, "pop!" And yes, she screams "POP!" until they pop.
"Two waffles!" And then she is a happy girl until she decides she wants something else and it isn't immediately given to her (I'm normally given a happy window of about 7-10 minutes).

She likes to yell anything she can think of that she wants. "Water! Momma hug! Chip! Momma hold you!" I'm like - kid...which one do you want? Ahhh, the joys of drama queen toddler girls.

I had to post these. These are Paige's school pictures from mother's day out. How freaking cute! They were taken about 3 weeks after the boys were born, so of course, I forgot it was picture day and she showed up to school looking like this. Her hair is a mess and she is dressed like a goof ball - but I just think they are adorable.

Have a good weekend, friends!

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