Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Papa hat on!
When Paige sees my dad after golf or a walk, he always has a hat on. She screams, "Papa hat on!" Which means, Paige wants to put Papa's hat on, and you better give it to her, or she will freak the F out.

Paige walks around the house and picks up everything she can hold, which we refer to as her entourage. Her entourage comes with us in the car. Usually, a few things get dropped here and there, but she does her best to manage everything.

Today, we had a cat, teddy bear, 2 babies (one of which has been stripped of her clothes and dignity), tooth brush, tooth paste, and a random baby toy (hidden in photo).

Tradition in this house is to go to breakfast with Jack original every Sunday. Mo pancakes! Mo pancakes!
It must be fun to be 2. You can be bizarre and totally goofy and everyone thinks it is adorable : )


Lindsey said...

I love her entourage.

And that you are such a fun mom that you don't fight her for wanting things with her - you just go with the flow and let her bring toothpaste in the car!

nikinikinine said...

You had me in hysterics with the baby doll that has been stripped of her dignity lmao.