Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pics and anecdotes

Paige all dressed up for a party at school.

I thought - hey - great time to get a cute picture of her for her birthday party invitation! Right! Wrong. She is all over the place, in to everything, and refuses to look at me and smile. But I will keep trying : )

She only smiles if I grab her and tickle her!

Paige is such a happy, bubbly girl. She is SO chatty, too! The girl starts talking from the second I walk in to get her from her crib to the moment we lay her down at night. She is saying sentences, such as: "I spilled the water!" "Daddy at work!" "I climb the ladder!" "Momma's going potty!" (yes, we were at a restaurant and while I was using the ladies room, Paige told everyone who walked by that momma was in the potty. Great.)

She is still a great eater and sleeper. We are very pleased with her development and with the little person she is becoming. She loves David and me so much and tells us all the time with hugs, kisses, "wuv you, momma, wuv you daddy." Best words I have ever heard in my life.

She also loves her brothers, Jack and Bwaley. "Hold you, Jack! Hold you, Bwaley!" Or she gives them their pacifiers and says, "Here ya go, bubber!" It is so adorable.

She is also starting to remember things, which amazes me. We were at Target one day right after it had rained, and we were jumping over puddles. I told her it was a puddle. When we walked into Target, she said, "bye bye, puddle!" A few days later (yes, I go to target multiple times a week), we were walking into Target on a bright and sunny day and she said, "bye bye, puddle!" She remembered that a puddle lived in the Target parking lot! I was shocked!

Braley is having some tummy troubles, poor thing. He is SO gassy. I am nursing still and wondering if I am eating something that could be bothering him? I have a very "normal" diet...fruit, lots of bread products, not a lot of diary, we eat normal dinner things like spaghetti, enchiladas, chicken, sandwiches...any thoughts from breastfeeders?

Other than that though, he is great. He smiles a lot, but he is definitely the more serious of the two. He loves to suck on his hand. He makes the most adorable sucking sound. He is not a big fan of tummy time, but will tolerate for a little bit. He loves to be held and snuggled. LOVES his pacifier. I have a love/hate relationship with it. I love that it soothes him. Hate that he wants it at 4 AM.

My sweet Jack. He is the happiest baby I have ever seen and I'm not exaggerating. All you have to do is crack a tiny smile in his direction and he cracks up! He laughs at everything! When anyone in the house sneezes he thinks it is hysterical. He loves to gaze up at your face and smile. He really doesn't like to be cuddled because he would rather be looking at you and have you be playing with him then holding him close. He has the bluest eyes. He is so gorgeous.

I am crazy about these boys.

Thank you all so much for the awesome party links! I looked at them all and got some great ideas! It is going to a lot of fun!


Katie said...

Onions, even in small doses can upset babies tummies. Caffeine? Have you tried Mylicon gas drops? I cut out the first two and when all else failed we gave him the drops and he seemed much better. Good luck! Your kids are darling!

Lindsey said...

Could your kids get any cuter?!?!

No BFing advice but I hope you find a solution soon!

nikinikinine said...

Your kids are amazing! Love their little personalities!

Re: the gassiness, maybe wheat? Perhaps he's allergic?