Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Business as usual here

It is getting very hard to take Paige's picture these days. I am working on getting a cute one of her for her birthday party invitation (save the date: April 24th) and she refuses to sit there in a pose and smile! Shocker...considering she is almost 2 ; )

We are having an elephant themed party, in honor of the new elephant exhibit opening up at the OKC zoo. It is going to be spectacular (the exhibit, not the party haha) and we can't wait to take Paige to see it.

If you have any ideas for elephant decor, send them my way, please and thanks!

I love this little girl!

She is a hot mess right when she wakes up from her nap, though.

That hair! Oh my gosh!

A little daddy daycare. I took Paige to see Alice in Wonderland at a local church here and David took care of the twins.


Lindsey said...

I am dying over the post nap pictures!

But what a beauty you have on your hands - just like her momma!

Lisa said...

Love the bed head! My daughter has a bad case of it too ;)

nikinikinine said...

okay, I love the cute pictures, but the nap pictures are my favorite :)

Kristi said...

I lol at the nap pic too...so cute!
As for elephant party stuff...I like thetomkatstudio.com for party ideas or try Etsy!

Stacy said...

Such cute photos - gotta love the nap one! Here are some links to some great party idea blogs:



Can't wait to see the party!

trina said...

she's so pretty!
check out Etsy for sure:



stuff like so!