Saturday, June 26, 2010

14 month personality change

14 months has brought this completely new baby. She is changing right before my eyes, and it is unbelievable. Proof that we are walking:

This was 3 pictures and about 15 steps : ) I have it on video camera, but don't know how to hook that up to my computer. I'm not the most tech savvy gal out there. But she is a great walker and I am so proud of her.
Mimicking!!! Anytime I am on the phone, I look down and she holds the her little hand up to her ear like this. And anytime I simply say, "hello!" she puts her hand up to her ear.

Other new and funny things: We say YAY - she claps. We say, what does a fish do? And she sucks in her cheeks and makes a fish face. We say, what does a snake say: She says - sssssssss!!! Adorable!!

She is also starting to snuggle with objects. She loves her blankie and any stuffed toy. If we say, Awwwww, Paige is sweet...she puts whatever object is in her hand up to her face and snuggles it.

Big girls wear shoes : ) We still don't love them, but have worn them on occasion.

I am just in love with this phase right now. I am trying hard to hold on to the baby in her, though. We still enjoy rocking her for naps and bedtime and letting that sweet girl fall asleep in our arms. NOTHING beats that.

Friday, June 25, 2010


I decided to just make it private today. I received 45 requests, and 41 of them made sense to me. So out of 41 readers, I have about 2 or 3 regular commenters? Come on, people : ) I love feedback, so please comment from time to time!

I just wanted to do an introduction, for those who aren't totally familiar with me (and now that I know exactly who is reading, I feel more comfortable!).

My name is Megan. I have a wonderful husband, David. David and I met while lifeguarding at a country club in town. He proposed to me two years later, and then we were married almost 3 years to the day of when we met (not planned that way, though).

We decided to not use any birth control after our wedding. We thought we would leave it in God's hands, and that everything would happen when it was supposed to.

Something strange happened when I quit the pill, though. I had no periods for 9 months, and I wasn't pregnant. I decided I needed to see someone who specializes in women's reproductive health. One ultrasound and about 14 vials of blood showed that I have a condition called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

My fertility journey: (if you aren't an infertility patient, you might want to skip ahead, as this will probably make no sense!)

2/07: Metformin alone with trigger: BFN (big fat negative on a pregnancy test)

3/07: Metformin alone with trigger: BFN

4/07: 50 mg Clomid with trigger: BFN

5/07: 50 mg Clomid with trigger: BFN

6/07: 100 mg Clomid with trigger: BFN

7/07: 150 mg Clomid plus Menopur with trigger: BFN

8/07: 150 mg Clomid plus Menopur with trigger: BFN

9/07: 150 mg Clomid plus Menopur with trigger: BFN

10/07: Break for Laparoscopic surgery with Ovarian Drilling

11/07: Trigger only: BFN

12/07: Trigger only: BFN

1/08: Follistim with trigger: BFN

2/08: Break for cysts

3/08: Follistim with trigger: BFN

4/08: Follistim with back to back IUIs: BFN

5/08: IVF consult

6/08-7/08: Testing for IVF and starting BCPs and Lupron

8/08: IVF with half ICSI, half conventional: PREGNANT!!

10/08: Learn that Paige's twin no longer had a heartbeat

4/09: Paige Madeline born after 12 hours of labor and a C-Section at 11:17 PM

8/09: Periods return (WOW! First time ever without medication!) Decide to try to get
pregnant again and avoid doing treatments if at all possible

9/09 - 2/10: Try the old fashion way (well - still using charing and OPKs) - BFNs

2/10: Meet back with IVF doctor. He recommends IVF, due to our horrid history with everything else, and our poor fertilization rates the first time

3/10: IVF #2: BFP

So that is that. And here we are.

I donated what was left of my fertility drugs yesterday. It felt so odd. I have had either Follistim, Lupron, or HCG in my fridge for over three years. And now - nothing. Feels pretty dang good : )

Thank you!

Thank you for all your emails wanting to keep reading! I'm thrilled to extend invitations to each and every one of you. I am going to do them all at once, probably after the weekend - as to give everyone a chance to give me their request.

I think I'll feel more comfortable speaking my mind knowing that just anyone with internet access can't hop on and see.

Paige and I are off to the gym this morning. We are going to dinner with some friends tonight, then need to start preparing for our vacation on Tuesday!

Enjoy your day!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Due to some recent happenings, I have decided to make my blog private. I did this once, then turned it back. This time, I am going for good. This makes me sad, as I WANT people to read. There are just some negative people out there who I don't want in my life - cyber or otherwise!

Please don't misunderstand me...I want you to keep reading (and commenting!). Please send me an email to and I'll send you an invite. Just include how I know you or how you found this blog. And if we are friends in real life, don't just assume I'll send you an invite! Please ask so I don't forget anyone!

I love documenting my wonderful and blessed family through this blog, and plan to continue for quite some time! So stay with me...I just need a bit more control.

Thanks, friends!


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A good suggestion:

Sorry for the horrible picture quality - but here is a picture of me 16 weeks pregnant with Paige. We were in College Station visiting David's folks, and I was soooo excited because I thought I looked pregnant.
A very tiny little bump.
And now this. Wow. I think it is a combination of second pregnancy and twins. My uterus was measuring 20 weeks at my 15 week check-up. What am I going to look like at 37??
For the full 16 week belly photo shoot...see post below.

16 weeks pregnant. Wow.

First, I just wanted to prove that I do have bedding. And the bed does get made occasionally! Okay, the house cleaner did come today and she made it, but whatever.
16 weeks exactly. Wow. Much bigger this time than last.

The check-out gal at Target today looked at Paige and said, " so you are going to be a big sister, huh?" It kind of thew me. I have gotten some stranger comments, but none this blunt. That lady had some balls. What if I just ate a big mexican lunch?
A few pics of my doll.
She loves cords, and found a new cabinet where we store them. Fantastic.
Mr. Wiggles was also on. Creepiest show ever, but Paige loves it.
Wait, mom. What is that creepy man doing? Yes, he is singing and dancing in the most awkward fashion.
Okay, I'll just focus on this cord.

I still love my puppies. Spike (on the right) and Beefy hung with us outside on the porch this weekend.
David and I lounged and watched the US Open while Paige napped inside. Pretty nice little weekend!
Note the swollen feet and ankles. Ugggh.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

My ideas got vetoed

For the boys' nursery, that is.

David is really funny about these things. He must have a say on every.little.thing. I know most men don't even realize what is happening! Not David!! I emailed him what I liked the other day, and got a very simple, "No. I don't like that." Well okay - thanks!

I picked a new scheme, and he actually likes it!

So it looks like we will be going with green, cream, and brown - with a hint of light blue. We looked at cribs while we were out and about this weekend, and agreed on one. It is from the same line of Paige's, but more masculine. We both really liked it. We agreed to order another Best Chair, but we just need to decide on fabric.

We are going to wait a bit before we start buying anything. I know I am almost 16 weeks, but the infertile in me is still feeling strange about truly accepting the fact that 2 boys are joining our family this fall.

Perhaps when my mom gets back in town (they are at their vacation home in AK until mid-July I will feel like doing some shopping (and hey - maybe she will be feeling generous!! LOL!!)

Anyway - what do you think of the new scheme?

Friday, June 18, 2010

A post all about Paige

I wanted to do a big update post on my bug. For one, my memory is shot right now. I can't remember the simplest details. I lose my wallet, keys, phone, remote, glasses, etc. I want to remember what Paige was doing when she was 14 months old.

WALKING! Yes, I said walking. Wait - well...kind of walking. She has taken 8 steps at once several times. She is doing very well. Any day now it will be official. I am so proud of my little bug!

Her favorite activity: swimming. She loves the pool! And looks adorable doing it. She loves being outside in general...playing at the park, in the backyard, and in her shamoo pool. We even drag the high chair outside and enjoy our lunch on the patio.

She toddles around on the deck and loves to crawl up and down the steps leading into the pool.
Favorite food: Waffles. Sometimes she won't eat dinner, and I give in a stick an Eggo (blueberry) in the toaster. She, of course, will gobble that right up.

Close to her love of waffles: grilled cheese, mac n cheese, turkey, peas, corn, blueberries, grapes, blackberries, goldfish, and anything for dessert. When David or I eat ice cream, she paws at our legs and begs like a dog. It is adorable, but kind of annoying : ) She got the signature Griffith sweet tooth!

Her sleep habits: change daily. It really does depend on what we are doing. Today, she woke at 7:45, napped in the car after the gym from 10:15 to 10:45. Napped in her crib from 2:45 to 5, then down for the night at 8:30. She is a dream come true in every department, including the sleep one! I sure hope we don't pay for it with the boys.

She is so happy when she wakes up and we come get her from her crib. My most precious memories from this time are happening right here in the nursery. When she gets up from her nap, I go and get here, keep the lights out and fan on, and just sit in the glider and snuggle with her. This can EASLIY go on for 25 minutes. It is pure bliss for me and I cherish every single second. David does it on the weekends and totally agrees how awesome it is to have our girl lay on your chest and bury her head into your shoulder.

Paige - you are wonderful. There is nothing about your presence in our lives that is less than everything we could have ever wanted.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Big belly and a few pics

15 week belly. I am just getting BIG. I am measuring 20 weeks, although I have only gained 2 pounds. My ass is bigger, thighs, boobs, arms, and stomach is huge. So the 2 pound weight gain thing is very puzzling to me. I'm sure the numbers will start piling on soon.

My mirror is not dirty. I am sorry it looks that way, though. And the sheets were coming off to be this is just a bad picture. Oh well.
Paige Bug's new backpack!!!
It fits about 3 things, but she looks cute in it.
We had a torrential downpour which caused horrid flooding here on Monday. Paige and I did this pretty much all day.
Momma - I sure hope shamoo can swim!!!
I am ready to go out and play : (
Reunited with daddy when he got home from his golf trip. We sure did miss him!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Like any true design addict...

I have already started picking nursery themes. This is the color scheme I am going with for the bedding. The same company who made Paige Bug's is going to make the boys'.

David loves golf, most of you know this just as you know the sky is blue. I am going to find some vintage golf pictures and some other golf stuff for the room. David has a very nice display case for balls from all the courses around the country he has played. It is in the study, but I am going to tell him that would be a great addition to the boys' room.

As for cribs, well - sadly I think I will say goodbye to my dream of having beautiful iron cribs. If I was having two girls or even a boy and a girl, sure. But they are just too feminine for a boy brown and blue golf nursery. We will probably do something similar to Paige Bug's crib.

I am a huge advocate of a comfy glider. My fondest memories of Paige's first year (and beyond!) are rocking her to sleep. It is such a joy to both David and me, and it is a source of comfort and familiarity to Paige. I plan on continuing the tradition with the boys. Our glider in Paige's room is pink and brown. Obviously we will need to find something new (oh darn!). I am sure I will get another Best Chair. That thing is the bomb.

We will not be painting, but I am getting curtains made again. When I get the bedding in, I'll start looking at fabric to coordinate.

All this is so much fun, but no purchases will be made until after my next ultrasound. I am getting a level II with my MFM from my last pregnancy (whom I love!) at 19 weeks. When he confirms boys, then I'll buy. But the u/s tech at my OB's office is very well-respected and even David and I could see the penises clear as day. They are boys.


We are having TWO BOYS!!! Although I think most of the world already knows this. Facebook, Twitter, Text messages, phone calls, and random strangers I awkwardly told at the pool...yep - pretty sure everyone knows.

I am thrilled with this for a number of reasons:

1. Paige will be my only princess. Daddy's girl, never having to share her room or clothes, and momma's sweet little bug for life.
2. One wedding.
3. Don't have to do a gender-neutral nursery.
4. Two boys to watch over and protect Paige.
5. Two boys who worship and adore their momma!
6. Two chances that we have at getting an OU football player (well - perhaps the kicker).
7. Two chances that we will have a PGA tour golfer and allow David and I to retire in style.
8. Two future girlfriends/wives I get to torture, seeing as no woman will be good enough for my boys : )

So we are just freaking excited for our sweet boys. To say that we feel blessed is a huge understatement. I'm not sure my heart could feel any more full than it does right now.

This is how I feel.

So no need to playfully "warn" me about how hard this is going to be. I am sick of the "better you than me" sentiments that I am getting. This is going to be difficult? Really? You have got to be shitting me. I thought it was going to be easy. I figured we would still go out every weekend, my kids would just sleep and never bother me.

Give me a break.

So anyway...we are just excited and happy and ready to start with this fun stuff! Nursery! Names! Clothes!! I have already done the girly princess thing, so this will be new and fun for us.

So...BOYS!!! Yay!! Can you believe it?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Play table

My mom got Paige this table and chairs for her birthday. She has been having fun the last few days sitting in the chair and playing at the table (and clearly from this picture - playing in the chair!)

Inspecting the chair before she climbs in. You will see that her baby is in the other chair. I promise you I did not put that baby there! I about died when I walked in and saw that she had put her baby there.

Local friends - the table and chair set is from the Learning Tree. We LOVE that place!

Girls weekend (and Ethan and Beckham at times!!) is coming to a close. We had a great time, but I am so excited for David to get home. First - we miss him! And second - I am exhausted!!

My next post will probably be the big gender reveal on Tuesday. Stay tuned : )

Friday, June 11, 2010

When daddy is away...

...the girls will play!

First, some belly pics. I am 14.5 weeks and have popped out in a big way. People ask me when I am due, which is crazy! I love it, though.

David left town Thursday morning. Paige and I have kept ourselves very busy and have an even busier weekend ahead. Yesterday, we swam with my niece, then Paige went to stay with Gran and Jack while I got a mani/pedi. We all then went to dinner after.

Today, Paige and I got up early and went to the gym for our workout group, then all the girls went to eat lunch. We came home and went swimming, then before nap time, we went out for an impromptu photo session. My mom got us this bench for Christmas and it is just perfect for pictures!

My sweet little angel.

Tonight, some girlfriends (and Ethan!!) are coming over for pizza and movies. Then tomorrow, we are going to swim with Brooke, nap over there, and go to dinner for her anniversary (LOL - her husband is out of town with mine!).

Sunday we need to run a few errands and do laundry, and anxiously await our daddy's return!

I am enjoying my all-girls time for sure...but I will enjoy resting while daddy takes care of a bug even more.

3 days until our next ultrasound. I normally pass the nights where I am alone and bug is asleep by online shopping. It will be nice to do some baby shopping soon : )

Enjoy your weekend!!