Sunday, June 13, 2010

Play table

My mom got Paige this table and chairs for her birthday. She has been having fun the last few days sitting in the chair and playing at the table (and clearly from this picture - playing in the chair!)

Inspecting the chair before she climbs in. You will see that her baby is in the other chair. I promise you I did not put that baby there! I about died when I walked in and saw that she had put her baby there.

Local friends - the table and chair set is from the Learning Tree. We LOVE that place!

Girls weekend (and Ethan and Beckham at times!!) is coming to a close. We had a great time, but I am so excited for David to get home. First - we miss him! And second - I am exhausted!!

My next post will probably be the big gender reveal on Tuesday. Stay tuned : )


Lindsey said...

She is too funny! And she will make a great big sister since she already knows just what to do with her baby!

Can't wait for the big reveal!!!

The Frasiers said...

Thanks for the pizza party friday! We had fun and I think Ethan had fun playing at that table too!!