Tuesday, June 15, 2010


We are having TWO BOYS!!! Although I think most of the world already knows this. Facebook, Twitter, Text messages, phone calls, and random strangers I awkwardly told at the pool...yep - pretty sure everyone knows.

I am thrilled with this for a number of reasons:

1. Paige will be my only princess. Daddy's girl, never having to share her room or clothes, and momma's sweet little bug for life.
2. One wedding.
3. Don't have to do a gender-neutral nursery.
4. Two boys to watch over and protect Paige.
5. Two boys who worship and adore their momma!
6. Two chances that we have at getting an OU football player (well - perhaps the kicker).
7. Two chances that we will have a PGA tour golfer and allow David and I to retire in style.
8. Two future girlfriends/wives I get to torture, seeing as no woman will be good enough for my boys : )

So we are just freaking excited for our sweet boys. To say that we feel blessed is a huge understatement. I'm not sure my heart could feel any more full than it does right now.

This is how I feel.

So no need to playfully "warn" me about how hard this is going to be. I am sick of the "better you than me" sentiments that I am getting. This is going to be difficult? Really? You have got to be shitting me. I thought it was going to be easy. I figured we would still go out every weekend, my kids would just sleep and never bother me.

Give me a break.

So anyway...we are just excited and happy and ready to start with this fun stuff! Nursery! Names! Clothes!! I have already done the girly princess thing, so this will be new and fun for us.

So...BOYS!!! Yay!! Can you believe it?


Alyssa said...

Awesome :) Congrats!!!

Lindsey said...

I've told you already but I am so excited!

And, you can add to this list a possible marriage between Kate and one of your boys!!!

I can't wait to hear all about the nursery, their names, and go shopping!!!

You are one BLESSED woman!!!

The Wilson's said...

How amazing! Congrats to you guys, two boys!!! You are going to love it, boys love their mommas:)

Callie said...

Very excited for you guys. I was really secretly hoping that at least one of them would be a boy, but what a blessing that they will both be boys!
I can honestly say that boys are absolute jewels, super sweet to their momma's, onery to all get out, fearless, and super precious all rolled into one.
You guys truly make a full house now with three boys and two girls! Way to live up to the blog name! :)
Congrats again, Gerod and I couldnt be happier for you guys!!!

Rebecca said...

Congrats! Wonderful news!

Rebekah said...

I am so excited for you! You really will love having little boys!

Stacy said...

Two boys - yay! That is SO exciting. And for those who "warn" you...screw 'em. Paige and your two little boys will be what is normal to you. You won't have anything else to compare it to and it will be WONDERFUL!!!