Sunday, June 20, 2010

My ideas got vetoed

For the boys' nursery, that is.

David is really funny about these things. He must have a say on every.little.thing. I know most men don't even realize what is happening! Not David!! I emailed him what I liked the other day, and got a very simple, "No. I don't like that." Well okay - thanks!

I picked a new scheme, and he actually likes it!

So it looks like we will be going with green, cream, and brown - with a hint of light blue. We looked at cribs while we were out and about this weekend, and agreed on one. It is from the same line of Paige's, but more masculine. We both really liked it. We agreed to order another Best Chair, but we just need to decide on fabric.

We are going to wait a bit before we start buying anything. I know I am almost 16 weeks, but the infertile in me is still feeling strange about truly accepting the fact that 2 boys are joining our family this fall.

Perhaps when my mom gets back in town (they are at their vacation home in AK until mid-July I will feel like doing some shopping (and hey - maybe she will be feeling generous!! LOL!!)

Anyway - what do you think of the new scheme?


Alyssa said...


love the green

Lindsey said...

I absolutely love it! It is going to be so pretty or should I say handsome?!?!

Send me the links to the cribs if you get a chance - I would love to see them!!!

Callie said...

I love it. The stripe material is the same exact material I used in Chad's room. Guess we both have good taste.

The Frasiers said...

i love this too! i think i like this new color scheme better than the first!