Friday, June 25, 2010


I decided to just make it private today. I received 45 requests, and 41 of them made sense to me. So out of 41 readers, I have about 2 or 3 regular commenters? Come on, people : ) I love feedback, so please comment from time to time!

I just wanted to do an introduction, for those who aren't totally familiar with me (and now that I know exactly who is reading, I feel more comfortable!).

My name is Megan. I have a wonderful husband, David. David and I met while lifeguarding at a country club in town. He proposed to me two years later, and then we were married almost 3 years to the day of when we met (not planned that way, though).

We decided to not use any birth control after our wedding. We thought we would leave it in God's hands, and that everything would happen when it was supposed to.

Something strange happened when I quit the pill, though. I had no periods for 9 months, and I wasn't pregnant. I decided I needed to see someone who specializes in women's reproductive health. One ultrasound and about 14 vials of blood showed that I have a condition called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

My fertility journey: (if you aren't an infertility patient, you might want to skip ahead, as this will probably make no sense!)

2/07: Metformin alone with trigger: BFN (big fat negative on a pregnancy test)

3/07: Metformin alone with trigger: BFN

4/07: 50 mg Clomid with trigger: BFN

5/07: 50 mg Clomid with trigger: BFN

6/07: 100 mg Clomid with trigger: BFN

7/07: 150 mg Clomid plus Menopur with trigger: BFN

8/07: 150 mg Clomid plus Menopur with trigger: BFN

9/07: 150 mg Clomid plus Menopur with trigger: BFN

10/07: Break for Laparoscopic surgery with Ovarian Drilling

11/07: Trigger only: BFN

12/07: Trigger only: BFN

1/08: Follistim with trigger: BFN

2/08: Break for cysts

3/08: Follistim with trigger: BFN

4/08: Follistim with back to back IUIs: BFN

5/08: IVF consult

6/08-7/08: Testing for IVF and starting BCPs and Lupron

8/08: IVF with half ICSI, half conventional: PREGNANT!!

10/08: Learn that Paige's twin no longer had a heartbeat

4/09: Paige Madeline born after 12 hours of labor and a C-Section at 11:17 PM

8/09: Periods return (WOW! First time ever without medication!) Decide to try to get
pregnant again and avoid doing treatments if at all possible

9/09 - 2/10: Try the old fashion way (well - still using charing and OPKs) - BFNs

2/10: Meet back with IVF doctor. He recommends IVF, due to our horrid history with everything else, and our poor fertilization rates the first time

3/10: IVF #2: BFP

So that is that. And here we are.

I donated what was left of my fertility drugs yesterday. It felt so odd. I have had either Follistim, Lupron, or HCG in my fridge for over three years. And now - nothing. Feels pretty dang good : )


Kristen said...

I'm very excited to be following your next journey... :)

Thanks for having me! :)

kanitzsche said...

Wow you had a long journey. This is my first comment and I promise to leave more.

I pray everyday for my one day BFP.........

Looking forward to getting to know you


Brooke said...

Thanks for letting me continue to follow your journey.

Just Me said...

Thank you so much for adding me as a reader...I love you blog...if you want you can read life is so different from yours...but I'm so happy for you and your BFP...and you are a wonderful Mommy!

t.bird said...

i suck at commenting- but i'll do my best :)

and i totally feel you on how weird it was to donate the rest of the meds...i was like "but..what i if i need those...?" ha.

kim said...

Yay! Thanks for the invite!

Dre said...

Thanks for letting me continue to follow your story... your Bug is adorable and I know she will be a great big sister (and that those boys will make sure no one messes with her later!)

I too, have PCOS (along with hypothyroidism and some other junk), but my journey was nowhere near as long or as difficult as yours. I am so happy to watch your family grow!

lparsons15 said...

Again..thanks for letting me follow along..I have always been a lurker..BUT I will try to comment much more now! Thanks

Jeremy and Allison Hess said...

Enjoyed your re-introduction. Thanks for sharing!!

PS I know your probably completely bored with my blog - promise to update soon!!

Alyssa said...

Thanks for accepting my request to keep reading :) I'm excited to read how Paige is growing and about your two new boys!

togo said...

Thanks for the invite! I love following your blog and Paige is just adorable. Can't wait to read about your pregnancy with the twin boys and how you plan on decorating the nursery.

Abby said...

Love the intro!! Its always good to have a refresher!

Stacey said...

Hi Megan,
Sorry I'm late commenting. I also have PCOS and really am encouraged by reading your journey. Paige is beautiful and I can't wait to hear more about your pregnancy and see pics of your boys!