Friday, June 11, 2010

When daddy is away...

...the girls will play!

First, some belly pics. I am 14.5 weeks and have popped out in a big way. People ask me when I am due, which is crazy! I love it, though.

David left town Thursday morning. Paige and I have kept ourselves very busy and have an even busier weekend ahead. Yesterday, we swam with my niece, then Paige went to stay with Gran and Jack while I got a mani/pedi. We all then went to dinner after.

Today, Paige and I got up early and went to the gym for our workout group, then all the girls went to eat lunch. We came home and went swimming, then before nap time, we went out for an impromptu photo session. My mom got us this bench for Christmas and it is just perfect for pictures!

My sweet little angel.

Tonight, some girlfriends (and Ethan!!) are coming over for pizza and movies. Then tomorrow, we are going to swim with Brooke, nap over there, and go to dinner for her anniversary (LOL - her husband is out of town with mine!).

Sunday we need to run a few errands and do laundry, and anxiously await our daddy's return!

I am enjoying my all-girls time for sure...but I will enjoy resting while daddy takes care of a bug even more.

3 days until our next ultrasound. I normally pass the nights where I am alone and bug is asleep by online shopping. It will be nice to do some baby shopping soon : )

Enjoy your weekend!!

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Stacy said...

Paige is so adorable. I love the blk & wht photo of her on the bench. You look fantastic!