Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Big belly and a few pics

15 week belly. I am just getting BIG. I am measuring 20 weeks, although I have only gained 2 pounds. My ass is bigger, thighs, boobs, arms, and stomach is huge. So the 2 pound weight gain thing is very puzzling to me. I'm sure the numbers will start piling on soon.

My mirror is not dirty. I am sorry it looks that way, though. And the sheets were coming off to be this is just a bad picture. Oh well.
Paige Bug's new backpack!!!
It fits about 3 things, but she looks cute in it.
We had a torrential downpour which caused horrid flooding here on Monday. Paige and I did this pretty much all day.
Momma - I sure hope shamoo can swim!!!
I am ready to go out and play : (
Reunited with daddy when he got home from his golf trip. We sure did miss him!


Callie said...

Your belly does look bigger than a normal 15 week belly, but your still as cute as ever, and of course there are two little guys in there taking up a lot of smashed space! :) Hope your feeling well.
Love Paige's backpack. :)

Rebecca said...

awwww.. you look great and Miss Paige is so darn cute!

Lindsey said...

You look awesome!!

And, that backpack is too cute! I love how you are starting her young - fashionable over functional!

Michelle Buck said...

Love bugs new back pack. We just got the larger one in green with the clip on lunch box for Carter. He about tips over when wearing it, but it's soooo cute! Wait until you see her wearing it while she walks off to school. Tear.

The Wilson's said...

y'all are looking so cute - with your bump and Paige's backpack:)