Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Like any true design addict...

I have already started picking nursery themes. This is the color scheme I am going with for the bedding. The same company who made Paige Bug's is going to make the boys'.

David loves golf, most of you know this just as you know the sky is blue. I am going to find some vintage golf pictures and some other golf stuff for the room. David has a very nice display case for balls from all the courses around the country he has played. It is in the study, but I am going to tell him that would be a great addition to the boys' room.

As for cribs, well - sadly I think I will say goodbye to my dream of having beautiful iron cribs. If I was having two girls or even a boy and a girl, sure. But they are just too feminine for a boy brown and blue golf nursery. We will probably do something similar to Paige Bug's crib.

I am a huge advocate of a comfy glider. My fondest memories of Paige's first year (and beyond!) are rocking her to sleep. It is such a joy to both David and me, and it is a source of comfort and familiarity to Paige. I plan on continuing the tradition with the boys. Our glider in Paige's room is pink and brown. Obviously we will need to find something new (oh darn!). I am sure I will get another Best Chair. That thing is the bomb.

We will not be painting, but I am getting curtains made again. When I get the bedding in, I'll start looking at fabric to coordinate.

All this is so much fun, but no purchases will be made until after my next ultrasound. I am getting a level II with my MFM from my last pregnancy (whom I love!) at 19 weeks. When he confirms boys, then I'll buy. But the u/s tech at my OB's office is very well-respected and even David and I could see the penises clear as day. They are boys.


Callie said...

Love it! Cant wait to see it when its all finished!
However I had no clue David was golf lover... lol. ;)
*That was possibly the most sarcastic comment ever!*

Lindsey said...

Love your ideas!!!

Have you looked at some of the more bronze iron cribs? The store we got ours at had a few that were definitely not feminine at all - just in case you don't want to squash that dream just yet!

Jeremy and Allison Hess said...

Love the theme & color scheme! :) So excited for you!