Tuesday, June 22, 2010

16 weeks pregnant. Wow.

First, I just wanted to prove that I do have bedding. And the bed does get made occasionally! Okay, okay...so the house cleaner did come today and she made it, but whatever.
16 weeks exactly. Wow. Much bigger this time than last.

The check-out gal at Target today looked at Paige and said, " so you are going to be a big sister, huh?" It kind of thew me. I have gotten some stranger comments, but none this blunt. That lady had some balls. What if I just ate a big mexican lunch?
A few pics of my doll.
She loves cords, and found a new cabinet where we store them. Fantastic.
Mr. Wiggles was also on. Creepiest show ever, but Paige loves it.
Wait, mom. What is that creepy man doing? Yes, he is singing and dancing in the most awkward fashion.
Okay, I'll just focus on this cord.

I still love my puppies. Spike (on the right) and Beefy hung with us outside on the porch this weekend.
David and I lounged and watched the US Open while Paige napped inside. Pretty nice little weekend!
Note the swollen feet and ankles. Ugggh.


Lindsey said...

You look super cute! And, I think it is a noticeable baby bump and not a Mexican lunch!

You should post a picture from when you were pregnant with Paige to compare!!

The Frasiers said...

New bedding?? I like it and you are looking like one hot Momma!!!